September 20: Today in Christian History

September 20: Today in Christian History

September 20, 1378

Today in Christian History, the "Great Schism" in the Roman Catholic Church began. It was touched off when Pope Gregory XI died, shortly after returning the papal seat from Avignon, in France, to Rome.

September 20, 1224

On or about this date, on Italy's secluded Mount Alvernia, Francis of Assisi reportedly prayed, "O Lord, I beg of you two graces before I die—to experience in myself in all possible fullness the pains of your cruel passion, and to feel for you the same love that made you sacrifice yourself for us." Soon his heart was filled with both joy and pity, and wounds appeared on his hands, feet, and side. He reportedly carried these scars (called stigmata) until his death in 1226

September 20, 1565

Spanish sea captain Menendez reportedly wipes out French Huguenots in Florida

September 20, 1883

Albrecht Alt, German Lutheran scholar of the Old Testament, is born in Stuebach, Bavaria. His book Biblia Hebraica, which he edited with R. Kittel, became the standard critical text of the Old Testament for Bible students.

September 20, 1864 

Aaron Buzacott, a London Missionary Society missionary to Tahiti, died. Born in 1800, Buzacott was sent to the South Seas in 1827. He was stationed at Tahiti, then at Rarotonga. With John Williams and Charles Pitman he translated the Bible into the language of Rarotonga.

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