Biography of Minister David Nkennor

Born on June 21, Minister David Nkennor is a Worship Leader and Song-writer with a peculiar anointing for special songs. 

His singing ministry began as a teenager in 1999, in a 6-man accapella group called BABY'S HEART which gained a fair degree of popularity within a decade, ministering humility and the love of Jesus across several University campuses, Concerts and Churches in Nigeria. 

Full Biography of Minister David Nkennor

He is a unique blend of creativity and experience with a strong passion for God in worship. 

He is the author of "Without Restriction", "Blessings & Honour", "We want more", and several other songs sang in many Churches today. 

An Educationist by training, David Nkennor has featured both as an Artiste and/or Speaker at major christian events and music seminars across Nigeria. 

David Nkennor is the Visioneer, W.I.D.E and the President of WORSHIP CULTURE, the Company.

WORSHIP IS W.I.D.E by David Nkennor is an acronym for Worship is What I Do Every time. W.I.D.E is a music ministry dedicated to creating atmospheres for true worship and providing worship tools to help people experience God in new ways. 

W.I.D.E premiered on the 28th of September 2008 with a Live worship recording in Lagos, Nigeria. In the room were about 100 worshippers who took part in an experience that would ultimately spread to the nations.  

Almost no one anticipated the depth and impact of this gathering, as the atmosphere grew thick in no time. This experience was captured in video and audio formats; and in a matter of months found its way into  the homes, cars and hands of thousands of people, with testimonies rolling in from all over Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra-Leone, United Kingdom, America, and Cyprus and so on, without any publicity! 

Ever since, Souls have been saved, sicknesses have been healed, and burdens have been lifted as a result of this recording, as well as others. Today, this mission takes us about recreating such experiences in several Cities and in the Nations. In 2019, The Worship is W.I.D.E tribe visited the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Lagos Nigeria, in a 3-part mission that engaged the hospital community in Worship, Prayer and financial interventions totalling over N500,000 for patients.

The vision and ministry of Worship is W.I.D.E was initiated by David Nkennor, who today leads a growing network of volunteers and partners, regarded to as the tribe, in achieving the goals of the ministry.

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Leader & Founder, WORSHIP IS W.I.D.E

David Nkennor is a Worship Leader and Song-writer with clear grace and a peculiar anointing for what he does. He has been in the Gospel music scene actively for close to two decades, and worked alongside numerous A-list Gospel artistes in Nigeria.  

His songs, including songs like Without Restriction, Blessings & Honour, Oh My God, You are good and several others have been a blessing to many Churches today locally and internationally. He is the Author of THE MUSIC CODE OF GOD, a highly reputable book on the background, purposes and guidelines for the music ministry.  

He features both as a Speaker and Artiste at several Christian events in Nigeria and is known for planning and hosting great Concerts.  

A trained Educationist and Mathematics graduate from the University of Lagos, David enjoys teaching, creative thinking, solving problems, writing and travelling. 

In 2008, he founded WORSHIP IS W.I.D.E (acronym for What I Do Everytime), a ministry dedicated to the Worship and Works of Jesus through music, concerts and trainings; and has two so-named Live albums - “WORSHIP IS W.I.D.E 1 & 2”, recorded in 2008 and 2014 respectively, along with several singles.  

Until fully embracing his current assignment, he Pastored as an associate in his local Church, and was involved in the production of a Christian TV channel. 

David plays host to numerous events annually, including a weekly online worship experience called THE MORNING DEW. He is happily married to Ugochi and they’re blessed with two beautiful children.

Songs and Musical Releases by Minister David Nkennor

Minister David Nkennor has released the following sounds to the body of Christ
  • You are Good

Minister David Nkennor is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram and X.

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