How to Build Prayer Capacity

Building prayer capacity is a personal responsibility. Here are a few tips I tried that can help you build prayer capacity.

1. Cultivate the habit of asking God to help you:

You should imbibe the attitude of asking God for help, especially when you have things to do. Bring this habit to a fixed prayer time (day or night), and also ensure you manage your body/strength well to pray effectively.
Isaiah 41:10

2. Deal with Distractions

There is a high tendency for some unfinished agenda to pop up while you pray, and it could be memories of how you spent your day/who offended you. Well, it is normal to have distractions. 
To deal with such, consciously cast it down at His feet. For example, "Lord, I know I did not respond well because her actions hurt me. I have forgiven her. I cast this thought at thy feet as you help me pray the right prayer tonight. Nothing stands against my prayers in Jesus' Name!"
Psalm 55:22

3. Entrust the Holy Spirit with Your Prayer Burdens

You can have more than a few prayer burdens (Family, business, Friends, Husband, etc.). Trust the Holy Spirit to help you pick one after the other as far as the Lord helps you. You can personally set 10 minutes for each. However, be flexible with the Holy Ghost because He can give you a new prayer point, or may you stay on just one point.
Rom 8:24-26

4. Utilize Sermons

It may help to get a sermon from a preacher you have been following who prays well. Play sermons during your prayer time as you trust God for the transference of Grace to tarry in prayer. While you play it and the preacher starts praying, pause, pick up the prayer point, and do business with it for about 10/20 minutes. Go back to the sermon and keep doing the same. You can play it over and over again.
Heb 6:12-15

5. Utilize songs that birth hunger for prayer. If you have found that kind of song, do not be tired of sustaining it to keep your atmosphere charged. This practice will make praying easier for you.

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