October 2: Today in Christian History

October 2: Today in Christian History

October 2, 829

Death of eastern emperor Michael II, “the Stammerer.” He was an iconoclast but had tried to moderate the rivalry between factions who were for and against icons, even freeing some religious leaders who had been imprisoned for devotion to icons. Weakened by insurrection, he had lost parts of his empire to Muslim attacks.

October 2, 1187

Muslim general Saladin captures Jerusalem from the crusaders 

October 2, 1528

William Tyndale Published Obedience of a Christian Man 

October 2, 1532

Reformer William Farel arrives in Geneva where in sixteen months his preaching will convince the city to join the Reformation.

October 2, 1535

Jacques Cartier reaches a place in Canada which he names Montreal.

October 2, 1656

Connecticut banishes Quakers, whose liberal theology is seen as a threat.

October 2, 1770

The funeral of George Whitefield is held at the Old South First Presbyterian Church in Newburyport. Thousands of people are unable to get even to the door of the church.

October 2, 1781

Benjamin Randall founds a congregation of Freewill Baptists in Woolwich, Maine, baptizing five people. He notes that although there are over three hundred present at the baptism, “there were no more than three that ever before saw baptism administered by immersion.”

October 2, 1792

William Carey, John Rylands, and ten other Baptist pastors form the Particular-Baptist Society for Propagating the Gospel among the Heathen which will send Carey to India. They pass around Andrew Fuller’s snuff box to collect pledges for the mission.

October 2, 1800

Slave and lay preacher Nat Turner is born in Southampton County, Virginia. Inspired by biblical texts, the deeply religious and ascetic Turner received visions of liberating his people. On August 22, 1831, he led a major revolt with 60 other slaves, killing 57 white Virginians 

October 2, 1833

Arthur Tappan and his anti-slavery associates are forced to slip away from a chapel on Chatham Street to escape a pro-slavery mob that has been egged on by the press.

October 2, 1919

Johanna Veenstra, the first missionary of the Christian Reformed Church to go to Nigeria, leaves New York on the Mauretania for England from where she will trans-ship to Lagos. She will have an important role in planting the Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria.

October 2, 1930

The radio program Lutheran Hour premieres on CBS.

October 2, 1938

Repose of Hiero-schemamonk Theodosius of Karoulia at Mount Athos. He had been a strict and prayerful ascetic.

October 2, 1980

Death of Deborah Adeyemi Ladeji, a Nigerian Baptist. She had converted from her family’s idol worship despite persecution and death threats, becoming an influential witness to those who knew her.

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