5 Steps to Knowing God

That I may know Him
Philippians 3:9-10, 2nd Corinthians 12:4

In the last days, strange things will happen in Gods kingdom but those who will take charge of these things are those who truly want to "Know Him"

When you are full of yourself you cannot be full of God. God is seeking for empty vessels to fill.

It takes humility to say you know nothing and come to God seeking to know Him.

Steps to Know God
1. Revelation from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the bank and store house of the knowledge of God. You cannot access deep mysteries in God without knowing the person of the Holyghost - 1st Philippians 2:11, John 14:26, Ephesians 1:17, Romans 8:14
2. Study the Word of God - John 5:39. Your knowledge of God is to the degree of the study of the word. Studying the word of God is not for you to gain head knowledge but (John 1:14) to get a revelation of God's word
3. Intimacy with the Person of the Holy Ghost

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