Christian Drama: Importunity in Prayer

Drama Night Title: Importunity in prayer 
Text: Luke 18:2-8, Psalms 130:1-2 and Hebrews 11:6

Mother: Mudasiru Eniola Ruth
Sade: Faith Oluwafemi
Student: Sis Deborah
Tope: Joel Fayokunmi
Tunde: Prince Oyakhilome

Light: Sis Mercy
Sound: Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde
Curtains: Victor and Sis. Rossy
Costume: Akande Rachael
Makeup: Sis. Mercy and Sis. Deborah

Director: Sis Ogar Praise Offa

Scene 1

A woman and her daughter appear on stage. Her daughter is making a request.

Sade: Mummy, I've asked you again and again for this thing. I don't know why you have not given it to me. Today again, I come to beg you mummy (approaches her on her knees), please grant my request.

Mummy: Folasade mi, this thing you're asking me to give you, I need you to be patient a little while. I need you to hold on a bit and press further. I need you to push again and again so that you will build capacity to contain it when it comes. You see, I want the best for you and that includes ensuring that you can handle the gifts that will come into your hand.

Sade: Mummy, you mean that you have not refused to answer me? I used to think that you just wanted me to suffer by asking continually. At some point, I thought I was merely engaging in vain repetition without results…

Mummy: My dear Folasade, it's not the way you think. I want you to get better enough to handle the results you desire…

Scene 2

The scene opens with three men on stage exercising and talking together in a gym.

Tope: Guy, this weight is difficult to lift, but I have come to the understanding that only those that are consistent will see the reward of this gym. I remember the first time I started this training, after 5 days of thorough workout I decided to rest for some days… Only for me to discover the pain that comes with inconsistency when I resumed many days after. 

Tunde: Seriously that's totally true. I learnt persistence and perseverance at a very tender age, and that's one of the many things this gym is teaching me again. See your muscles (points at his friend) You are only growing this much and seeing the results because you put in the work and you're consistent. That's the same thing with prayer… Why do you think Jesus kept praying till His sweat became as thick as blood? Or why do you think scriptures says we should pray without ceasing? Why do you think the Bible says men ought always to pray and not faint? It's all about the consistency and perseverance oh.

Tope: Hmmm… See, in the next few minutes, I'd be wrapping up for today but I will continue tomorrow. Like you have said, the only time we can get true results is to stay consistent daily. You remember Bro Bembe? The brother with the big stomach who came here three months ago? He ran away after the second week because he saw minimal changes to his weight… Now, if you see him, he is worse than before, always rolling his stomach like something I don't know…

Tunde: That's true (he begins to pack alongside Tope). That man's story is even something else. He couldn't hold on for just some more time. He couldn't stay some extra time…. Well, Let me join you too. Tomorrow, we will resume….

Scene 3

A student walks into the stage. She appears to be on her way to school. 

Student: Today again, I'm going to school. It is not always as sweet as it seems and many times, I'm tired  and stressed. But each day, I have to go to school. In a matter of time, I will see the results. I know I will write the exams, I will pass and I will become great in life. I believe that my eyes are set on the goal and I will definitely get the results that I desire. It's not easy going every day and reading hard… but I will stay consistent… (she continues talking as she leaves the stage…)

Scene 4

Mummy Folashade reappears on the stage.

Mother: My Children will learn the art of importunity and perseverance. They will learn the art of importunity and hypertrophy in prayer. They will learn to ask for one thing and stay at it till they receive a response and when it is time… in due season, I will grant all their heart desires. They must learn that God will not give them stone for bread or snake for fish… Hmmm. Now, it is time… (she calls out)

Folasade! Folasade!! Come here! It is time for your reward… It is time for the answers to your prayers…

(Sade comes in and kneels. Mummy Sade lays hands on her shoulders and blesses her with the answers to her request)

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