Christian Drama: Until That I Deborah Arose

Nigerian Christian Corpers' Fellowship (NCCF) Ebonyi State Chapter

Sisters' Conference Drama
Title: Until that I Deborah Arose 


Mummy Mariam - Rossy 
Mariam - Oluwafemi Faith 
Mrs. Thomas - Odunayo Ayomide 


Light: Akande Rachael Omowumi
Sound: Eniola Mudasiru Ruth
Story: Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde and Mudasiru Eniola Ruth
Eniola Mudasiru Ruth

Christian Drama: Until That I Deborah Arose

Christian Drama: Until That I Deborah Arose

Scene 1

(Mummy Mariam comes into the stage with a moody face. She sits down with some medication and a glass of water, talking aloud to herself and patting her daughter who sits sick beside her)

Mummy Mariam: Hmm. My daughter. All will be well. Just calm down and take these drugs. I'd go and prepare the remaining beans for you and you'd rest a bit…

(She gives her daughter the drug and continues patting…)
Christian Drama: Until That I Deborah Arose

My husband, my husband! What a great man... since you left me, everything has gone worse. The battles you couldn't overcome has become more fierce. They're threatening us in our dreams and even physically. My in laws and everyone else seems to be against me…. Daddy Mariam, whatever you are doing up there make sure I and your daughter do not die ooo. Make sure you report to God and help us out of this situation. See how our finances dwindled since you left… see how sick our daughter has become? See (cries)
(While she was still speaking her friend, Mrs Thomas comes into the room)

Mrs Thomas: Hahaha, Mummy Mariam!Don't tell me you're thinking and talking to yourself again (looks up and suddenly sits beside her) better don't kill yourself. Your husband has gone for good, what you need to do now is to sit up with your life and be whom God has called you to be. Arise and pray for your daughter and other things in your life. Take charge of your life physically, spiritually, financially, emotionally and in every way possible.
Put your trust in God, surrender all you know and allow Jesus fight this bottle. allow him hold your hand.

(Suddenly, Mariam slumps and starts convulsing. Both women are startled and begin shouting Jesus, Jesus!!)

Mummy Mariam: Ah,aye mi,oh God of mercy ,oh Jesus , enough is enough...Olorun o! come and fight this battle o. This child will not die! This child will not die!
(They both carried her, and took her to the hospital).

Narrator: You see that very thing you should be doing/occupying now that you're not doing will be occupied by Jobless demons and make mess of you...
No, no more! I have given the devil too much chance to mess up with me. Its time to wake up from your slumber and rise to priesthood in the place of deep prayers, intercession and thanksgiving!
Declare that there's no more death or sickness in the land... The Bible says for the weapon of our warfare are not carnal but they are mighty through God even to the pulling down of stronghold.
I stand as a priest and in the office that have been ordained. I am a priest!!!I am Deborah!!! I am a warrior and I take back what belongs to me. I possess my possessions and I take the spoils of war!

You know how to gossip… you know how to backbite but you don't know how to get result in prayers.
Don't you know who you are? you're a man carrying a womb. You can conceive things, you can multiply things.

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