November 1: Today in Christian History

November 1: Today in Christian History

November 1, 451

The Council of Chalcedon (in modern Turkey) adjourns. The fourth and largest of all the ancient councils, attended by between 500 and 600 bishops, it repudiated the Eutychian heresy (that Christ has one nature, not two) and drew up a Christological statement of faith now known as the Definition of Chalcedon

November 1, 1512

After four years of work, Michelangelo opens the Sistine Chapel ceiling to public view on All Saints Day. His work covers a 5,800-square-feet surface.

November 1, 1716

John Gill, who will become a leading Baptist pastor in England, makes his confession of faith and is baptized.

November 1, 1770

Death at Islington, England, of Alexander Cruden, Scottish editor and compiler of Cruden’s Concordance, who originally prepared to study for the ministry but after suffering several mental breakdowns was confined to an asylum for brief stays three times over several years.

November 1, 1776

Spanish Franciscan missionaries found San Juan Capistrano Mission in California, one of 21 missions founded in the region between 1769 and 1823

November 1, 1815

Baptism of Edward Mote at eighteen years of age, who will write the hymn “My Hope is Built on Nothing Less.”

November 1, 1845

Anne Ayres takes religious vows that will lead her to found the first religious order for women in the Episcopal Church in the United States.

November 1, 1894

Liu Cho Wan is ordained as a Catholic priest. Skilled with languages and with the wisdom to settle disputes, he will be highly regarded wherever he labors.

November 1, 1914

Beginning of the Apostolic Church of Faith in Jesus Christ when Romana Carbajal de Valenzuela, who had become Pentecostal in the Azusa Street Revival, convinces twelve Mexicans in her hometown of Chihuahua to adopt her teachings, including baptism in the name of Jesus only.

November 1, 1919

Death of Sophie Lichtenfels, a German immigrant and scrubwoman (cleaning lady) in New York City. Told she was too old to become a foreign missionary, she had become a missionary to foreign immigrants in New York City and a well-known speaker. She was associated with A.B. Simpson’s Christian and Missionary Alliance to which she gave all that she could afford from her small wages. Many prominent rescue workers from New York and Philadelphia will turn out for her funeral.

November 1, 1926

Russian evangelists Ivan Prokhanov and Peter Deyneka meet in New York. The two will work closely to win East Europeans for Christ.

November 1, 1950

Pope Pius XII releases his "Munificentissimus Deus," proclaiming the "Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary." The doctrine teaches that Mary was taken in body and soul into heaven at the end of her life. The belief was first propounded in Christian circles by Gregory of Tours in the late 500s.

November 1, 1961

Death of Mordecai Ham, the evangelist under whose ministry Billy Graham was saved.

November 1, 1990

China Cry premieres in Hollywood. It is the miracle-filled story of Nora Lam (Neng Yee), persecuted for her Christian faith in China but able to escape to Hong Kong and later to evangelize in the West and among her own people. 

November 1, 1998

In thick fog and a torrential downpour, a missionary plane crashed in southwestern Guatemala, killing 11 including the Living Water Teaching organization's founder Jim Zirkle. The organization, founded in 1979, focused on Bible schools, medical work and evangelistic outreach in Central America

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