Biography of Pastor Emeka Anslem

Pastor Emeka Anslem is the 'privileged' writer of Timely Notes Daily Devotional, Founder of In-spirited Writers Training School, and President of The Solutionists. He's an ICT Expert who studied Microsoft Certied System Engineering (MCSE) with National Institute of Information Technology before he moved to Lagos State Polytechnic for a Computer Science course. Having lived in Lagos all his life, though from an origin in Delta State, he has developed a sound relational skill in Yoruba language. Calling & Divine Assignment He received a divine call to be a teacher in April 2013, with an assignment to "Add value to lives by bringing knowledge to the people". By God's grace, he has committed his life to that assignment, and he's always willing to add value to lives. Emeka Anslem Emeka Anslem Books He has had the honor of writing over 30 e-books, all of which are available for free download in this website's E-BOOKS area thanks to his passion for his work. Numerous public speaking engagements at seminars, conferences, and other events have been drawn to his exceptional teaching skill. God led him to organize an annual writers conference because of his writing career, and it has helped many writers undergo personal growth. He also runs a documentation business, where he also operates as a content developer. He has written for great men within and outside his country of residence, and the testimonies have been phenomenal. Contact Him Emeka Anslem is accessible. So do not hesitate to contact him through any of his social media platforms. Remain ever blessed! +234 902 452 9639 or [email protected] Emeka Anslem on YouTube Emeka Anslem is an inspirational teacher saddled with the responsibility of communicating applicable knowledge of God's word to every sphere of human endeavour through social media. Previous article Top 10 Largest Churches In Canada Next article Alex Lagina And Miriam Amirault Wedding Pictures

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