Christian Drama: Carriers of God’s Glory

NIGERIAN CHRISTIAN CORPERS' FELLOWSHIP (NCCF) Ebonyi State Chapter Batch C Stream 2 Welcome Service 13th December, 2023. Theme: Carriers of God's Glory


  • Corper Rita: Sis. Deborah
  • Corper Tunde: Bro Moses Corper Ada: Sis Rachael Background 
  • Voice: Ayotola Oluseye Olugbenga


  • Light: Ayotola Oluseye Olugbenga
  • Sound: Mudasiru Eniola Ruth 

Background Voice: Sade, Chioma, Thompson, Abimbola, Oladayo, Ayomiposi, Stanley… Look around you and see the Corp members seated in this hall. You have come this far in life and it is only by the grace of God. Let me remind you - if you didn't know… Your village people are not happy that you have come this far with your life. Yes! They are not happy that you are serving your fatherland… And let me remind you… The devil and his principalities will do anything to stop you! They will do everything possible to truncate God's plan for your life. They will do everything possible to finish you. My question for you now is this - Will you allow them? Will you allow them stop you? (Dead silence follows) 

 Three Corp members struggle into the stage. They hold Corper Rita on both hands, struggling to win her over. Rita is holding a candle and is about to light it. They continue struggling to make sure it doesn't come on. Corper Rita: Leave me alone. Leave me alone. I have a mind of my own. Allow me to think these things through myself. You can't just influence me oh. Leave me let me light up this candle and shine forth God's glory…(tries to light the candle) Corper Ada: (trying to push Corper Tunde away as they continue struggling into the stage) It's true sef. Leave her alone my friend. Why are you trying to convince her against her wish? Why are you trying to force her into something she doesn't want? She doesn't want to serve your God so leave her alone my friend…. Leave her to make her decision and let's see who she will follow na… Corper Rita: Abi… I just even need some time to cool off and think properly. You people are stressing my brains. I just came from a rigorous training that lasted for 21 days and you're putting me up with all of these things? Abeg oh (she continues mumbling and frantically tries to turn the lighter) Corper Tunde: See Rita, you are very right… and I will give you that time to choose. But before then, let me remind you Rita, that I have prayed for you. I prayed you in, my sister. I have been serving in this land long before you came and I tell you from experience that you need God to help you through this journey. You are carrying the weight of His glory and the devil knows it. Corper Ada: (cuts in) Which glory sef? Where is the glory? Yen yen yen yen… See… all these funny people don't want you to enjoy your life in this one year. You see the wealth of freedom you can access? In your father's house, did you have this kind of freedom? Ehn? Talk to me na… Leave this light alone… the room is bright enough and although it is still dark like in that corner (points to a dark part of the hall), I know you can see this part alone already and that's all that matters. 
Corper Tunde: (continues)… My friend, you better Leave this one alone… she doesn't know that she is an instrument oh…. As I was saying… the devil is using your power of choice against you by bringing the king's meal in fine plates. He is masquerading with the things you think you will gain… but please, I beg you… Whatever you do, don't choose the devil over God. Do not settle for this little light you see here. Rise up and try your candle light again. This room will be lit without any dim part if you can successfully choose God and choose to be a carrier of His glory. The devil has always been after God's glory and now that you're a carrier of it, he has come after you. That's the simple explanation of why you're seeing her here oh… 
Corper Ada: Forget that nonsense oh. All of us here are Corp members. You don't need to form holier than thou here… Who told you that I'm not carrying glory ehn? (Turns around)… I'm carrying so much glory my dear… can't you see it? (Goes to Corper Tunde) Don't you like what you're seeing? Ehn? Abi you no sabi better thing? 
Corper Tunde: (to Rita) You see what I'm telling you abi? You see, Just like the scriptures in Deuteronomy 30:15, you have before you, life and death… and you have the option to choose what you want… Don't choose to don your light because of some freedom you think you have. Remember that the weight of God's glory over your life is heavy and you must trust Him to help you carry that glory… Corper Rita: (shouting loudly) Oooooooooooooh! What's all this now? Can you people just allow me think? I'm tired and fed up. You call me a carrier of God's glory? You call me a light to shine forth God's glory. You call me this and that… I'm just tired and honestly, I'm not interested in all of these things… (she throws down the candle and leaves the stage angrily.) Corper Ada: (chasing after Corper Rita) Heheh… My dear, it's not like that oh. See, it's that stubborn Corper Tinder that's pestering you oh. My own advice is just simple and short… Corper Rita: (cuts in) Leave me jare… (By now, Corper Rita and Corper Ada leaves the stage) Corper Tunde: (bending to pick the candle) Ah! Ah! Oh Carrier of God's glory! What have you done? Just for a simple decision to carry God's glory and watch your life become a wonder? Just for a simple decision you allow the devil to blackmail you into leaving God's glory behind? Rita… please come Rita… please… (he keeps talking as he exits the stage) Conclusion Just like Rita, there is a contention over your life. There is a war, a battle over your life. For every war, there is a cause and the reason for this battle over your life is because the devil knows that you're carrying God's glory. See your faces shining bright, filled with all of God's glory… and you say the devil will not fight you? How? How?

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