December 11: Today in Christian History

December 11: Today in Christian History

December 11, 1520

Martin Luther says no man can be saved unless he renounces the rule of the pope.

December 11, 1825

Samuel Adjai Crowther is baptized at the age of sixteen. Recently a slave, he will become the first Anglican bishop of West Africa.

December 11, 1897

Anglican missionary George Pilkington, cooperating with British troops in Uganda, is killed.

December 11, 1905

Methodist leader Reverdy C. Ransom becomes the first African American to give an address at Faneuil Hall in Boston, Massachusetts, marking the celebration of the William Lloyd Garrison Centennial.

December 11, 1910

Death of Lars Olsen Skrefsrud, famous Norwegian missionary. Once a thief, he had been converted to faith in Christ. In India he had translated the Bible into the Santal language and produced a hymnal using native tunes. He wrote textbooks, published a book of traditional Santal myths, founded schools that taught farming, animal care, and carpentry. He sought to establish a church the Santalese could run themselves. By his death, there were fifteen thousand or more Santal Christians.

December 11, 1920

Soviets cut to pieces Russian Orthodox deacon Constantine Zverev with sabres because he stands up in defence of a priest.

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