December 13: Today in Christian History

December 13: Today in Christian History

December 13, 304

Lucy, a young Christian virgin, is executed for her faith in Syracuse, Sicily, an attempt having been first made to force her into prostitution. Within a century she will be one of the most popular saints, and Scandinavians will later become her strongest followers.

December 13, 1124

Death in Rome of Pope Calixtus II. He had defeated Emperor Henry V in battle, making possible a resolution to the controversy between church and state over investiture.

December 13, 1294

To the shock of the Christian world, Pope Celestine V resigns the papacy, having first issued a controversial constitution allowing popes the right to do so.

December 13, 1545

The first session of the Council of Trent opens in response to the spread of Protestantism and the drastic need for moral and administrative reforms within the Roman Catholic Church. It will meet on and off for eighteen more years.

December 13, 1732

Moravian missionaries first reach St. Thomas Island where they establish a work that, after many difficulties, will produce a church among the island’s slaves.

December 13, 1837

Death of Father Herman, the soul of the Orthodox mission to the Kadiak of Alaska. He had been devoted to Mary, to whom he prayed, and he considered sin of little consequence to the Christian. “A true Christian is made by faith and love of Christ. Our sins do not in the least hinder our Christianity, according to the word of the Savior Himself...Sin, to one who loves God, is nothing other than an arrow from the enemy in battle. ”

December 13, 1952

John Ajayi Agbona founds the Christ Apostolic Mission Church Oke-Igbala in Nigeria. Many miracles accompany his ministry and the denomination spreads into several other countries.

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