December 24: Today in Christian History

December 24: Today in Christian History

December 24, 361

Assassination at Alexandria, Egypt, of George of Cappadocia, a despotic bishop who had forced Arian theology on Alexandrians. After killing him, the mob burns his body and casts the ashes into the Mediterranean Sea.

December 24, 1164

Discovery of Bishop Hartmann of Brixen, Austria, dead in his bath. He had supported Pope Alexander III against Victor, Frederick Barbarossa’s claimant to the papacy; however, Holy Roman Emperor Barbarossa never held this against him.

December 24, 1515

Bartolomé Las Casas has an audience with Ferdinand of Spain, building rapport with the monarch, who will eventually commission him to act in behalf of the Indians of the New World.

December 24, 1526

Hans Denck is ordered to leave Strasbourg because of his Anabaptist views.

December 24, 1784

The first General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in American convenes in Baltimore, Maryland, at Lovely Lane Chapel.

December 24, 1849

Dostoevsky’s trek toward exile in the Omsk penal settlement begins. He has been condemned for participating in a rebel plot. On the way, a woman will thrust a Bible into his hands, which will turn him toward Christ. Although Christian considerations will be prominent in his future writings, his Christianity will not deliver him from compulsive behaviors such as gambling until the last decade of his life.

December 24, 1912

Death in Japan of Charlotte Diggs “Lottie” Moon, who had served as a Baptist missionary in China. Her appeals had led to the formation of the Women’s Missionary Union.

December 24, 1929

Ralph Darby Williams and his wife Jewyl arrive in El Salvador, where they will teach nationals to manage their own churches and conduct their own mission work. 

December 24, 1963

Mother of Apostle Dr Emmanuel Iren, Mrs Olubunmi Iren was born today.

December 24, 2003

On this day in Christian history, after falsely blaming Christians for the death of a popular Buddhist monk, Sri Lankan Buddhists attacked and burnt Christian churches, forcing 140 churches to close.

December 24, 2010

Muslims from the organization - Boko Haram murdered Pastor Bulus Marwa of the Victory Baptist Church in Alamuderi, Nigeria, along with other Christians on the site, and burnt down the church. This is one of many persecution cases and stories in Nigeria

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