How Trent Talbot, Brave Books is Helping to Build Godly Character in Children, One story at a time

It is no news that in our world today, Culture is attacking children, family, and the values that it seems we hold dear. These cultural forces are hard at work attempting to steal the hearts and minds of our most prized possession - children. This enemy would love nothing more than to leave your family weak, your children confused, and their value system destroyed
Arm your children to be victorious! Join companies fighting to build their strong moral foundation.

Trent Talbot is the President and founder of BRAVE Books, a conservative children’s book publishing company. Father of two, Trent knew he couldn’t sit by as teachers and celebrities taught his kids to hate America and the ideals that made it great. Although formally trained as a medical doctor, Trent stepped back from his ophthalmology practice to push back.From a small town in Texas, Trent is arming himself and other conservative parents with children’s books to enthrall their children with the values they need to thrive in today’s world. Each BRAVE Book is set in an in-depth universe, featuring a courageous cast of characters, and a part of a multi-year plot that will take families on an epic journey, defending Freedom Island and learning real American values.

About BRAVE Books

Brave Books was established because her founders were trying to raise our children to love their God and country, we became more and more aware that there is a real war being waged for the hearts and minds of the next generation. There is an agenda to confuse and demoralize our children and make them hate their country and the values that it was founded upon. To us, it felt like a one-sided battle. That’s why BRAVE Books created an alternative to the current progressive agenda dominating children’s literature. Each book teaches a new traditional value that makes America so special. With the universe and cast of characters we have created as well as the BRAVE Challenges, we are creating a one-of-a-kind learning experience woven into an epic adventure that will live forever in your children's hearts and minds. With a multi-saga plot, we hope these books will stay with your kids throughout their childhood and will equip them with a BRAVE spirit to combat the very real battle we face as a nation today

Build your children's character, one story at a time.

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The best defense to keep the forces of culture at bay is to ensure your children's moral foundation is rooted in Biblically sound, Pro-America values. So, how do you do that? Well, children learn best through stories. Trail Life USA partners with churches and parents across America as the premier national character development organization for young men, producing generations of godly and responsible husbands, fathers, and citizens.

Adventure is at the heart of the Trail Life USA program. Boys love hiking, camping, fishing, tree-climbing, story-telling, and s'mores around campfires. They engage in hands-on experiences that develop character, deepen faith, and hone practical skills. For older boys, the focus moves from creating foundational knowledge to helping internalize their faith, integrate it as their worldview, live with integrity, share with intentionality, and use their spiritual gifts to impact others through service.

Trail Life's mission is the perfect partner to BRAVE's Freedom Island Book Club. Secure the hearts and minds of your children through BRAVE's engaging book series that teaches a new Pro-God, Pro-America value in each book and delivers it to your doorstep every month. We guarantee this book club will spark meaningful discussions and equip your children to stand strong against the enemies of their hearts and minds!

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Securing the hearts and minds of our children
Wholesome stories for families because we are parents, too.

At BRAVE Books, we believe in the power of the family unit to shape the next generation. As a new dad, BRAVE’s founder, Trent Talbot, searched for wholesome books for his own family, but the progressive agenda in so many of today’s children’s books alarmed him. He then decided to quit his career in ophthalmology to start BRAVE Books: a publishing company with an interconnected series of books that celebrate families and honor traditional values. BRAVE is not just a company for families. We’re a company of families. Our Head of Creative, a former teacher, edits BRAVE’s stories thinking of his own five children. And our in-house illustrator works not only for BRAVE but for his harshest critics: his own three daughters. That’s how we write stories that belong on your bookshelf and motivate dinner table conversations and car ride sing-alongs.

Trent Talbot

Founder & CEO

Walker Jester

Chief Operations Officer

Eric Presley

Head of Creative

Zach Bell

Head of Public Relations
Our Mission

We are a company that families trust to equip their kids with strong moral foundations. As a start-up company with big stories and even bigger dreams, we aim to provide literature for kids from ABCs at age two all the way to age eighteen when they're ready to lead the future.
A BRAVE Family Testimonial

"Our family signed up for the Freedom Island Book Club, after we started homeschooling our boys. I realized as a mother, my children weren't practicing the morals and values that we hold in our home anymore. They spent so much time away from home, we lost the connection we all had together as a family, and for the Lord. When we signed up, my husband and I made it our mission to make Brave Books, our monthly family adventure. Every time a book comes in, we make our home a special area that we can relax and play in, or we go somewhere and read there. The kids enjoy dedicating an entire day to family time, learning from the Brave Books, and taking the time to grow closer to God as we pray and spend quality family time together. We recently went hiking, and all 3 kids brought their favorite books to read before the sun went down, it's moments like this, that Brave Books help create.

I had spent a long time, trying to figure out a family tradition we could have, that we all enjoyed, but was also wholesome and age appropriate for all 3 of our kids. We are so glad we found Brave Books. The games in the back of the book are so fun, and teach us new things about each other. It also brings our boys closer together, having to play together during the games, and sharing turns putting stickers on their map! Brave also has Conversation Cards that help us grow closer to our children, as they get to ask/answer questions that aren't a normally asked or answered on a regular basis. Between the books, conversation cards, and activity books, my kids are very happy with our new family time set up. We couldn't have accomplished so much together if we didn't have the help the Brave Books gave us. We would definitely recommend Brave Books to all families that enjoy spending quality time together or would like to spend quality time together."

"Our family LOVES these books! from BRAVE! We (parents) are book-lovers and wanted to pass that love down to our children. It's helping us teach our kids about what we value in our home. I am a huge fan of BRAVE Books for never backing down from their beliefs, no matter what culture throws at them." - Abbie W.
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Build your children's character, one story at a time.

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