Christian Poetry: This Year

In a gathering of saints, one who stood out, January, a white rose she gifted me, a symbol of a new beginning.

After her military parade, February, still in her military attire handed me a green rose, a symbol of vitality.

In a humble gathering we met, April, the most humble of them all, bought me a yellow rose, a symbol of friendship

Commanding authority, a feature of May, a royal Prince, a blue rose I received from him, a symbol of uniqueness.

A presence that reflected sacrifice, June, an angel of good tidings, brought an orange rose, a symbol of hope.

Owambe mood, December, in her dancing clothes and shoes, got me a pink rose, a symbol of thanksgiving.

Year 2023, her seconds, minutes, and hours, gave million little miracles, the petals of a bouquet of roses.

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