5 Lessons From The Life Of Andrew

 Andrew was a disciple of Jesus Christ in the new testament and also the brother of Simeon Peter. According to the gospel of John, Andrew, along with another disciple, followed Jesus after hearing John the Baptist proclaim him as the lamb of God. He witnessed the firsthand ministry of Jesus. He preached in Greece, and along the black sea. 

The story of Andrew in the bible begins with his calling of Jesus to follow him . Andrew was a fisherman , and one day he was fishing with his brother Simeon when Jesus approached them and said," Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men" ( Matthew 4:19). Andrew immediately left his fishing nets and followed Jesus. He introduced his brother Simeon to Jesus, who became known as Peter. 

Andrew's life of following Jesus is chronicled in the Gospels, and he is remembered as one of the first disciples and faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Andrew played a significant role in the early Christian community. After Jesus'ascension, Andrew continued to spread the teachings of Christianity and he is believed to have been martyred for his faith. 

Here are 5 object lessons from the life of Andrew

1. Jesus Christ does not call the qualified

The idea that ' Jesus does not call the qualified , but qualifies the called" is a lesson derived from the life of Andrew and his initial background as a disciple of John the Baptist . When Andrew started following Jesus, he was not a highly trained religious scholar or a prominent figure, instead, he was a humble fisherman. Andrew, as a fisherman had nothing to boast of. He was not rich or learned and in the eyes of the world, he was a nobody. But in God's sight, he was qualified.

Jesus Christ often chooses individuals without regard to their societal status, qualifications or abilities. Andrew's calling shows that Jesus sees the potential in people and can equip them for their purpose. It challenges the belief that one must be exceptionally qualified or esteemed by the society to be able to spread the gospel of Christ. 

As christians, this encourages us to recognize that our limitations or lack of qualifications do not hinder our potential to serve God. 

2. Constantly seek the face of God in your life

One of the best characteristics of Andrew is his thirst to knowing God. He had an insatiable thirst to know more about God. This is a good reason why Jesus Christ called Andrew first among the Apostles. Andrew constantly looked for ways to get closer to God's servant and ensured that he learned more and more on how to be God's faithful servant. This a powerful example for us, as believers to follow . We should also constantly seek the face of God and put our relationship first with him. The most important thing is to follow Jesus wherever he leads us and stay close to him.

Constantly seeking God's face involves earnest prayer, reading the word of God - the bible, and commitment to the things or God. It is more than just going to church. It is about making God the center of our lives and letting him lead us. It is about praying and communing with him on a daily basis. It is about living a life that reflects his love and light.

Seeking God's face is an ongoing journey that we should all strive to be on.

3. Be bold in faith

Being bold in faith means living out your faith with confidence and courage. It means not being afraid to share your faith with others. It means trusting God completely and following him no matter what. Andrew was bold in faith, he left everything behind to follow Jesus, he introduced others to Jesus and he stood up for his faith even when it was hard.

Andrew's boldness is seen in his role as an early disciple who actively shared the message of Jesus. Despite challenges and uncertainties he embraced his faith with courage, spreading he teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Also, Andrew's willingness to engage with people and bring them to Jesus reflects a fearless approach to evangelism. His actions tells us that bold faith involves not only your personal conviction but also a burning desire to lead others towards Jesus Christ. 

4. Active service in God's vineyard

Andrew's consistent engagement in actions that contributed to the wellbeing of others and the advancement of the message of Jesus shows active service. His service his evident in actions like bringing people to Jesus , such as his brother Simeon Peter and presenting the available resources during the feeding of the five thousand. 

Andrew's active service shows us that professing our faith is not just enough but also living it out in practical ways 

As believers, we should render our active service towards the things of God for the advancement of the Kingdom and also to the people around us so that we can contribute positively to their lives. The power of service is an expression of love, compassion and commitment.

5. Do not delay God's calling

We know from the scriptures that " Many are called ,but few are chosen ( Matthew 22:14). Apostle Andrew would not have been chosen, if  he didn't answer first to Jesus'call. The bible tells us in Matthew 4:18-20 that, " And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brothers , Simeon called Peter , and Andrew his brother , casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. Then he said to them, ' Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men'. They immediately left their nets and followed him."

Andrew and his brother, Peter did not think twice to follow Jesus Christ. When they were called, they immediately left their nets. In this same way, we must be ready to answer God's calling as christians. When he calls us, we must answer immediately. Delaying God's calling should never be an option for us. We should never think that there is a better time to answer God's calling than now. The time is limited and it might be too late already. The time is now. Answer God's calling as early as possible and you will experience a more blessed and joyous life. 

In conclusion, Andrew teaches us the importance of living a life that is bold, faithful and God centered. He reminds us that it is not enough to just believe in Jesus , we need to be willing to follow him and share him with others.

Andrew was also particular about bringing people to Jesus and he spent his entire life doing this. Through his example, we can also bring people to the fold of Christ. We need more Andrews in our world today, who will unashamedly go into the world and preach the gospel and bring many to the fold of Christ.

This should be our focus, whether by ourselves or teamed with another, we must be able to bring souls to Christ. 

On two occasions, Andrew teamed up with Philip , who also became a disciple, to bring others to Jesus. When Jesus fed the 5,000 with the barley loaves and fish brought by the boy. Philip was uncertain how they would feed so many. Andrew apparently noticed the young boy with the meager provisions and asked Jesus how that little could feed many. Later on, Philip also brings two foreigners to Andrew who then introduced them to Jesus.

In reflecting on Andrew's life, we can reach out to the world through evangelism for the advancement of the kingdom of God. 

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