February 13: Today in Christian History

February 13: Today in Christian History

February 13, 1200

Death of Venerable Stephen the Myrrh-gusher. As king of Serbia, he had united Serbian groups and striven for the political independence of Serbia from the Byzantine Empire. In his old age he became an ascetic monk. His remains are supposed to have exuded the fragrant odor of myrrh.

February 13, 1236

Death by drowning in the Mediterranean Sea of Jordan of Saxony, a noted Dominican preacher who had written a biography of St. Dominic and whose sermons moved Albertus Magnus to join the Dominican order. 

February 13, 1413

A national synod is convoked in Bohemia to discuss John Wycliffe’s teachings. Jan Hus, the chief exponent of Wycliffe’s teachings, is not present, having been exiled. The synod will adjourn without coming to agreement.

February 13, 1728

Death in Boston of Cotton Mather. A New England minister, he was a strong advocate of smallpox vaccination and a prolific author, but became notorious for his strong support of the Salem witch trials.

February 13, 1793

Death in Tanjore, India, of Christian F. Schwartz, “Apostle of India.”

February 13, 1866

Devadasen [a.k.a. Nilakanda Subbiar] and three other Indian converts are ordained at the Nagercoil Church, the first ordinations of the Travancore Mission in India. Devadasen is of the Brahman caste and Brahmans will beat him severely for preaching the Christian faith.

February 13, 1888

Death in Santa Fe, New Mexico, of Jean Baptiste Lamy, the first archbishop of Santa Fe.

February 13, 1904

Death in Krishnagiri, India, of pioneer Lutheran missionary Theodore Karl Naether, from bubonic plague.

February 13, 1914

King George V receives Wilson Carlile—head of the Church Army—at Buckingham Palace, and expresses sympathy for the vagrants and criminals the Army is trying to reclaim. Carlile had founded the organization in 1882 and has worked with Church of England approval since 1883.

February 13, 1936

The Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, organizes an Armed Services Commission to assist Lutheran chaplains.

February 13, 1949

Death in Dundee, Scotland, of Minnie Cumming Watson, the first female missionary of the East Africa Scottish Mission. She had established a system of Christian schools for the Kikuyu people of Kenya.

February 13, 1985

Death of Ji Zhiwen, who had conducted a notable evangelistic work in China. He established the Bethel Evangelistic Band in Shanghai, followed by the Chinese Evangelization Society and an orphanage (also in Shanghai), and, when driven from mainland China, founded churches in Taiwan. He had extended his ministry to Southeast Asia, founding kindergartens, orphanages and day care centers, and had developed a Christian press before retiring to Los Angeles.

February 13, 2001

Vietnamese authorities arrest Father Thadeus Nguyen Van Ly for his calls for religious freedom. He has been arrested many times before. 

February 13, 2011

Police raid a Baptist church service in Gomel, Belarus, and detain pastor Nikolai Varushin for trial for “holding an unauthorized religious service.”

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