Manifesting Divine Exploits as a Believer

Divine Exploits Daniel 11:32 Exploits by Excellence Exploits by Prayer Exploits by Wisdom Exploits by the Anointing Exploits by Excellence Greatness is not in view until. You must not live the life of a mediocre. Mediocrity is equal to calamity (Daniel 6:1-3). Excellence is a prerequisite for greatness. It is: * a department of your worship, honour and glory to God * the quality of being outstanding or extremely good * The realm of mastery and expertise * A realm of high quality, merit and existence far beyond average * A realm of supremacy, transcendence and preeminence * The realm of work and value, the aversion of average * A department of brilliance and skill Scriptural Example for Excellence and Relevance (Daniel) * God wants to make you a person of excellence like Daniel * God is searching for people who will display His character of Excellence, giving the best to what they do (Genesis 1… everything God created was good) Matthew 5:14-16 * Through the vehicle of excellence, God lifted Daniel to a realm of relevance both in the Kingdom of God and in the Kingdom of men (Daniel 5:11-21

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