5 Ways to Drive Off Distractions When Praying

5 Ways to Drive Off Distractions When Praying

A Distraction will best be described as a physical, social or psychological interference to an immediate, ongoing or planned activities. For a MB students who's exams sessions are uncertain to clear circumstances fails to stay alert and tuned-in concentration, of cause it wouldn't be nice.

Today let's do some diving into 5 ways to minimize distractions and stay more engaged, first what are distractions,  Distraction can of-cause come in various form suc as a sudden notice or a fable move, it could be by person or through others. It became a serious handicap to education setting even more towards the Christian lifestyle activities and daily engaging which is Prayer.

Here are 5 ways to drive or fight-OFF distraction during, while, and before Praying 

    1)  Silence your stuff. Silence it. Put it on “focus” or “airplane mode.”

2)  Pray aloud. If you’re in a private place (or even if you’re not) try praying aloud, through the inner spirit in the holy ghost.

3)  Take a walk. Motion helps focus. Even if you merely pace back and forth from one end of the room to the other.

4. Sing or Chant

If you’ve never sung or chanted your prayers before, it can feel weird at first. But don’t take my word for it—the practice of monastic Christianity for millennia can testify to the helpfulness (and beauty, even) of sung or chanted prayers. Even the most monotone effort can serve to slow your racing mind and focus your wayward thoughts.

5. Journal

Like chanting, writing out your prayers can often steer them into more focused territory. At the very least, you’ll have a marker to return to if your mind wanders. That's it hope it helps☺️ remember praying through all 5 steps keeps you off distraction šŸ¤²


The term prayers can be monitored and of-cause affected by certain distractions it's up to you to make haste and pave off these distraction through your inside and outside put-forward activity-decisions, don't forget to pray outof distraction.

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