Building a Strong Spirit

In our world today, we have many things around to dampen our spirits as believers, causing us to loose our joy.

From social media, to personal challenges, to the world's challenges, even to our family and friends. Often times they mean well, it's the choice of words and the manner of communication that sends the wrong message.

Why build a strong spirit?

I believe this particular reason I'm about to share, captures or serves as an umbrella for most of the whys:

We are in the world, but not of this world. As a result, our standard operating system or operating procedure, tends to be tampered with.

This means that life's situations seeks to change our orientation and cause us not to function by original design; which is by the spirit.

How to Build a strong spirit

The following steps 

1. Build a life of fellowship with God

It sounds cliche, like what you've always heard, but it's the truth; the very essence of our being. A believer without a fellowship with God can easily be crushed when trouble hits and begin to ask questions like, does God even exist? Is He really good? etc

These questions aren't because the answer isn't obvious, they're because they believer cannot see beyond that particular situation.

None of us are ever ready for life's challenges, but a believer can remain steady even in the midst of it all. 

Hope in Christ Jesus, joy, peace that surpasses all understanding, His word, His instructions etc are easily available and can be received by one who is in constant fellowship.

2) Watch what you consume 

The "it's not that deep" slogan that most people run with have actually caused neck-deep troubles. 

Especially via social media; seemingly harmless jokes, false doctrines etc. These things are subtle; we're being fed information, they colour the truth and believers begin to put peace on it.

As much as we're on different levels of growth, we have the Holy Spirit. If there's a resistance, a warning signal, a discomfort or even another believer speaking about it, that can be the clue to simply steer clear.

3) Be mindful of your Association

Any conversation or anyone who wouldn't build up your spirit, even in relaxed or playful atmosphere is probably one to be careful of.

You don't have to be praying or necessarily be in a church/fellowship before you're edified.

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth always speaks; a believer's words should ooze out life, hope and encouragement. 

Also, you should have other believers as friends that you can easily speak with. If that's not the case, maybe you need to change your association and trust God to bring such people your way. However remember that, if you want friends, you must be committed and friendly yourself.

4) Learn to sit in silence, playing a worship music.

It's not every time that your song plays that you should sing along. Sometimes, be silent and let the lyrics minister to your heart.

By sitting in silence, you're actually gathering your thoughts. You're allowing your mind to be calm and giving room for the Holy Spirit to minister to you.

Even if you don't utter a word, He hears and sees it all.

It's the world that makes us learn haste and that's how we often loose sight of God's word or promises.

This practice actually helps you to set the Lord before you, in way that you won't be moved. It doesn't matter the number of times you set something else before you, learn to always go back and do the needful. Tune your heart to the frequency you desire.

5. Pray in the Holy Ghost

Sometimes, the heart is so burdened and the mouth too heavy to pray; it's okay to cry. However, it's not okay to keep quiet. It can start as a sigh or even a whisper or even slow and difficult, looking like a waste of time or nothing is happening.

Find yourself a good spot and position you're comfortable in, let your spirit man rise. Build up yourself in your most holy faith and refuse to be distracted.

Keep at it, break forth until joy wells up on your inside.

Don't allow yourself to be brought under for days and you end up wondering how you got there.

6) Gratitude/Thanksgiving

Learn to keep a record of the things God has done for you. The things you never thought will happen, things that happened that you weren't even expecting, little or large, relieve these moments.

It helps your spirit come alive as it should and you realize that, you actually have too many things to be thankful for.

Of course; these are not the only ways to build a strong spirit, you can do more.

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