How to Build a Consistent Devotional Life

I woke up today with a faint thought of how I would fix so many things on my to-do list. I battled with the thoughts of “do this” and “do that” so much that it skipped my mind of what to do or even how to go about doing what I took my time to put out during the night. I of course didn’t pray, could even barely recall the very period I took up a scripture in the book of truth and broke it down, couldn’t recall memorable bible verses. These are all evidence and experience of a believer of the truth but yet who had no time or gave no time to exercise it through actions in faith.

It is written in James 2: 17 “Even so faith, if it hath no works, is dead, being alone".

Questions believers harbor

Thinking hard, I have realised that there are many believers like me who probably have the following questions scattered in their heads:

  • How do I balance work, society social life, family friends spouse relationships and the gospel ministry?
  • What’re my do’s and don’t as I press on in life?
  • How can I make time for a balance in my devotional life
  • When do I make devotions and how do I build it in consistency

In all defense your daily strive builds an endless habit something “continues, let’s first analysis consistency

What is Consistency?

According to Dictionary, consistency is “steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.” Consistency is the ability to do something regularly in a particular pattern or behavior

Consistency for a Christian means the ability to be steadfast, reliable, and unwavering in commitment to one’s beliefs and actions. When a believer is consistent, then they are consciously doing the right things at the right time. I also believe consistency is yielding to the Holy Spirit regularly and following his instructions to us. These entails instructions as daily devotions, devotion can be seen as habits, things done to the connection of the realm of the spirit. It’s of different forms in process through prayers of commitment šŸ¤² praise in worship fasting to mention a few. Consistency of the spirit being is often important, for the spirit feeds on things of the spirit not of the flesh. Now what’s spiritual consistency and how do you activate this.

Spiritual consistency is continuously doing things that contribute to our spiritual growth. It involves maintaining a regular and steadfast connection to our spiritual life and faith. Habits that lead to spiritual consistency

1. Daily Reflection or Meditation

2. Regular Prayer

3. Service and Acts of Kindness

4. Practice gratitude

5. Connecting with Christian Community

6. Setting Intentions and Goals

7. Listening to the Holy Spirit

Benefits of Spiritual Consistency

The benefits of spiritual consistency are countless as,

1. Deeper relationship with God

2. Steadfastness in faith

3. Discernment and guidance

4. Personal transformation

5. Peace and Joy

Who in the bible was consistent?

Many people in the bible were consistent with their walk with God. Their stories are inspiring and encourage us to be consistent in our walk with God.

1. Daniel (Daniel 6:10)

2. The judge and the widow (Luke 18:1-8)

3. Elisha and King Joash 2kings 13:10-20

How to be build a consistent devotional life

A farmer who plants based on seasonal crops and yield in harvest will certainly get all necessary fertilizer, varieties of or perhaps specific crops, will also do periodic watering of the field of plantation, will of course check for sick plants and unplug to avoid contamination to produce fine healthy crops in the latter. All these are processes taken, and they're consistent likewise to build a consistent devotional life required consistent process of defined habits as.    

Commit to it long term

Do it everyday

Remind yourself your why 

Remove the obstacles and distractions

Make it simple and easy

Pick a time and place where you can be alone and quite

Go to bed earlier so you can go to bed earlier

Don't consult your feelings about the new habit

Find a cue or trigger that will prompt the new habit  


Spiritual consistency or build in spiritual consistency through Bible study, praise in worship, prayers is an inner person desire when the within moves you, you become more hungry to become filled by the holy spirit through God's word. One way to help you build spiritual consistency in your devotion is by engaging the New Man Daily Devotional Guide

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