March 3: Today in Christian History

March 3: Today in Christian History

March 3, 1033

Death of Cunegunda, Queen of Bavaria, who had voluntarily embraced humility after the death of her husband, Holy Roman Emperor Henry II. Having entered a convent, she insisted that no one treat her as the empress she had once been, taking the part of a servant and performing the lowest and dirtiest jobs that needed doing.

March 3, 1556

Roman Catholics drive two hundred Protestants out of Locarno, Switzerland. They find refuge in Zurich with Henry Bullinger.

March 3, 1589

Death at Strasbourg of Lutheran educator Johannes Sturm, whose emphasis on Latin studies will dominate Protestant educational models long after the Reformation.

March 3, 1913

Valentín Ampuero, Bishop of Puno, Peru, leads two hundred Indians to break into the home of Seventh Day Adventist missionary Frederick Stahl. Finding Stahl gone, they beat schoolteacher Manuel Camacho. The Adventists are jailed on spurious charges, but acquitted by higher courts.

March 3, 1933

Navigators, an evangelical organization, is founded in California, but will not be incorporated for another decade.

March 3, 1947

Joseph Adeyemo Taiwo lays the foundation stone of the Agboye Baptist Church, Oyo. He had a hand in planting this and many other churches for the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

March 3, 1963

An assembly of priests and lay people from Kenya and Uganda is held in Kampala to reaffirm the particpants’ full support of and attachment to the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria.

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