5 Kinds of Christians You'd Find on a Thanksgiving Sunday

As thanksgiving Sunday approach, churches all-over the world buzz for anticipation and excitement, among the congregation you'll likely encounter a diverse array of Christian perspective and personalities. Here's a humorous yet insightful five types of christian you might encounter on this special day.

• The Service-Oriented Samaritan : While others are focused on feasting, this Christian have their eyes set on service, They organize food-drives, volunteer themselves at food kitchens and remind the congregation of the important of giving back to those in need, embodying the true value of Christian charity.

• The Scriptures-Oriented : Armed with a well-worn Bible and a passion for the scripture, this Christian find significance in every aspect of Thanksgiving preach or sermons, They express verses of Thankfulness and quotes of praise in their every conversation, even before they're called-on for thanks, encouraging others to reflect on the biblical foundations of gratitude.

• The Grateful Devotee : This Christians arrives early, overflowing with gratitude and ready to praise the Lord for his blessings, They tend to lead the congregation in heartfelt praises and prayers of thanksgiving, they're al-way boundaries of thanksgiving of the now, then and the expectant, remaining everyone of the truth behind thanksgiving, sure they never leave the pole without a-word.

• The Culinary Evangelist : For this Christians Thanksgiving Sunday is synonymous to potluck paradise. thay bring their signature dish and offerings- of any sort_ whether it's heavenly mashed potatoes or the likes- and spread the gospel of good food and fellowship.

• The Thankful Troubadour : with a voice like angels this Christians fills the sanctuary with joyful hymns and psalms of thanksgiving, whether leading worship or harmonizing with the choir, their melodious praise uplift the congregation and inspire hearts to sour. 


On Thanksgiving Sunday, as Christians comes together to give thanks and celebrate their faith, it's evident that diversity enriches the tapestry of the church. Regardless of which type of Christian you identify with the most, the common thread of gratitude unites believers in a spirit of love, joy and thanksgiving. Remember brethren, gathering with the saints is sure, in God's presence.

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