5 Lessons From the Life of John the Beloved

 Do you desire a walk with God in your everyday life? The life of John the beloved gives us great insight and so many great things to learn. John the beloved, also known as John the Apostle, is a significant figure in the New Testament of the Bible. He was one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ and he is believed to be the author of the Gospel of John, three epistles of John ( 1 John, 2 John and 3 John), and the book of Revelation.

John was the son of Zebedee, a fisherman, and his brother James was also an Apostle. The brothers were among the first disciples called by Jesus. John is often referred to as the 'disciple whom Jesus loved ' , a phrase that appears in the Gospel of John. 

John played a key role in several important events in Jesus' life and ministry. He was present at the Transfiguration, where Jesus was revealed in divine glory.

Let us explore a few lessons from the life of John the beloved

1. Intimacy with Christ Jesus

John the beloved's relationship with Jesus Christ was very evident in his writings such as the gospel of John and the book of Revelation. In John's gospel, we see him at the last supper, at the cross, and in the upper room after Jesus' resurrection. In all of these moments, John is depicted as being close to Jesus, both physically and emotionally. This closeness gives us an insight into what intimacy with Jesus Christ is like.

What we learn from John's example is that intimacy with Jesus is not just about physical closeness, but also about spiritual closeness. John was able to understand and communicate the deep truths of the gospel because he had spent time in Jesus' presence. Similarly, we can grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ by spending time in prayer and Bible study, and by seeking to hear his voice and follow his guidance in our lives. Just like Apostle John, we can experience a deep and fulfilling intimacy with Jesus when we make him the center of our lives.

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2. Christian leadership

Christian leadership is about being a good shepherd. Apostle John was a leading member of Jesus' original Apostles, one who had a close personal relationship with the savior and served important roles as his witness, as a leader of the church, and as a revelator. Yet the way he chose to potray himself as the beloved disciple in the gospel that bears his name allows him to serve as a model for all of us in our own discipleship.

There are many aspects of christian leadership, but one of the most important is servant leadership. This was modeled by Apostle John. His servant leadership can be seen in a number of ways. First, he was always willing to put the needs of others before his own. For example, he was known for his care of the early church, and he was willing to give his time and resources to help them. He also showed a servant's heart by being willing to wash the disciple's feet ( John 13:5). This act of service is true christian leadership. It is a demonstration of humility and his desire to serve others.

3. The importance of community

Apostle John was known for his close relationship with other believers, including Peter, and Mary, the mother of Jesus. First, he was part of the close-knit group of disciples who followed Jesus. This group of disciples provided support and encouragement to one another, and they learned and grew together in their faith. Second, John also had a close relationship ith Mary, the mother of Jesus. He took her into his home and cared for her after Jesus' death. This demonstrated the importance of caring for those who are in need, even when it is difficult. Also, John's relationships with other believers allowed him to minister to them and share the gospel with them. John the beloved's life is a clear example of how important community is for christians.

4. Humility

Apostle John's showed humility throughout his life. We can see his humility after Jesus' resurrection. John was with Peter when Mary Magdalene told them of the empty tomb. Both John and Peter ran to the tomb, but John ran faster, for he was younger. However, upon arriving at the tomb, John waited outside for Peter and only then followed him into the empty tomb where Jesus had been laid. It is clear that Apostle John acted in humility and respect. He allowed Peter - whom Jesus Christ had chosen to be the leader of the apostles to enter first.

Humility was the hallmark of John's life and ministry. He was not concerned with seeking his own glory, but rather with glorifying God and serving others. Even though he was one of Jesus' closest disciples, John never sought to promote himself or draw attention to himself. He was content to play a supporting role in Jesus' ministry, and he never took credit for the work that God was doing through him. This humility was evident even in the way he wrote the gospel. Rather than focusing on his experiences, he wrote about Jesus and the truth of the gospel.

5. Personal transformation

John's life was transformed by his encounter with Jesus. Before he met Jesus, John was a fisherman who lived a simple life. But after he met with Jesus, everything changed. He became a follower of Jesus, and he committed his life to spreading the gospel and serving others. His humility, his love for others, and his willingness to serve were all fruits of his transformation. John's life is a testimony to the power of God to change hearts and transform lives. Through John's story, we can see how the gospel can change a person from the inside out, making them a new creation. 

Why is John the disciple whom Jesus loved?

John highlights God's love and how it has transformed his life.

John referred to himself as the disciple whom Jesus loved because he wanted to draw the spotlight away from himself by removing his name and putting in a nickname instead. 

Here he shows the transformative power Jesus had over his life. Through God's love, he finds truth, his identity, and his purpose.

In the gospel of John, it was seen that John was the only disciple who was present at Jesus' crucifixion. He was the only one who stood by Jesus at the foot of the cross, and he was entrusted with the care if Jesus' mother, Mary. Apostle John was the only disciple that stayed till the very end. Even when other disciples fled, John remained at the cross. 

When we read the gospel of John we see Jesus as the exact representation of God the father, who is full of love. We see Jesus as the loving savior of the world who came to save all mankind and to restore us back to the father. John was able to write all of these because of his intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

In conclusion, John the beloved's life is a powerful example of what it means to follow Jesus and to live out the gospel in our daily lives 

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