April 2: Today in Christian History

April 2, 307

Theodosia of Tyre, having commended Christians who are in chains for their faith in the market place, is seized and tortured. When she refuses to recant, she is thrown into the sea. 

April 2, 1139

Pope Innocent II opens the Second Lateran Council. It will deal with abuses in the church and condemn Peter of Bruys and Arnold of Brescia.

April 2, 1234

Edmund of Abingdon is consecrated Archbishop of Canterbury. His years will be spent wrestling with corrupt King Henry III, who refuses to allow him to fill church vacancies, pocketing the money from them instead.

April 2, 1548

Martin Bucer declares he will sign the Augsburg Interim if certain changes are made; but Emperor Charles V insists on his signature as the document stands. When Bucer refuses, he will be placed under house arrest and then in close confinement until on April 20, he will capitulate.

April 2, 1582

John Payne, a Catholic, is hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn, England, allegedly for treason to Queen Elizabeth. A sympathetic crowd ensures he is completely dead before they allow the drawing and quartering to proceed.

April 2, 1739

At Kingswood, England, Wesley first preaches in the open air to miners, a decisive step that frees him from dependence upon the favor of Church of England clergy for access to pulpits, but which requires him to swallow his pride.

April 2, 1767

A sealed letter from Charles III of Spain is opened by authorities throughout Spain and the next morning every Jesuit in the realm is arrested, placed aboard ship, and expelled from the country.

April 2, 1787

Death in Bologna of Francisco Saverio Clavigero, a Jesuit who had written a sentimental but inaccurate account of the American Indians wiped out by the conquistadors.

April 2, 1844

Death of Radhanath Das, a well-educated Hindu convert to Christianity, who became an educator in Christian schools, a catechist in homes, a peacemaker among Christians and Hindus, a tract writer, and an evangelist. His death is the result of tending boys with smallpox.

April 2, 1866

Forced into exile from his station in the Orange Free State by Boers, pioneer missionary Fran├žois Coillard goes to Natal.

April 2, 1894

Death in Sunderland, England, of William D. Longstaff, author of the hymn “Take Time to Be Holy”

April 2, 1914

Three hundred Pentecostals meet at the Grand Opera House in Hot Springs, Arkansas, for a ten-day conference. The conference will birth the Assemblies of God.

April 2, 1952

Death in New York of Samuel Zwemer, who had been a notable missionary to Muslims.

April 2, 1978

Episcopal Canon Mary Simpson of New York speaks from the pulpit of Westminster Abbey in London, the first ordained woman to preach there.

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