April 29: Today in Christian History

April 29, 1380

Death in Rome of Catherine of Siena, Dominican tertiary and mystic. She had exerted a strong influence on world events through her correspondence with the notables of her day.

April 29, 1529

Reformers outlaw the mass in Basel, Switzerland.

April 29, 1743

Death in Paris of Charles-Irénée Castel, abbé de Saint-Pierre, who had written many works calling for political, legal, and economic reforms, and who had proposed an international peace-keeping organization.

April 29, 1749

Death of John Philip Boehm, founder of the German Reformed Church in the United States.

April 29, 1764

John Newton is ordained a deacon in the Church of England. He had been a slaver at the time of his conversion to Christ.

April 29, 1849

Major Thomas Jackson confesses Christ by public baptism at St. John’s Protestant Episcopal Church Fort Hamilton, New York, officiated by the Rev. Mr. Parks. As a general in the American Civil war, Jackson will exhibit great courage, earning the nickname “Stonewall” and showing deep concern for the spiritual condition of each man under his command.

April 29, 1866

Imad-ud-din converts from Islam to Christianity in India and becomes a famed preacher, author, and translator.

April 29, 1882

Death of John Nelson Darby, a biblical scholar and founder of the Plymouth Brethren.

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