The Winlos Is Set To Release The Second Part Of The Movie, 'Prophet Suddenly '

Popular Relationship and marriage coaches Ohis Ojeikere and his wife, Anwinli, aka The Winlos, prepares for the second part of their famous movie titled “Prophet Suddenly.”

The first part of the movie shows the life story of a young man whose desire for massive success in his ministry made him abandon his purpose. This made him fall in a web of desperation. He encounters a familiar spirit which gave him power to heal and prophesy. Soon, this young man earned the nickname, ' Prophet Suddenly '

This movie exposes exposes the works of darkness in the prophetic ministry.

As “Prophet Suddenly” approaches, anticipation builds for a film that promises to captivate, provoke thought, and inspire meaningful conversations about the social vices that it addresses.

Fans and lovers around the world are eagerly anticipating the new movie, as they can’t wait on what to expect from it.


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