It was at a game. It was a promise, a flimsy promise made between four friends in their single hood at the spur of the moment, the euphoria of looking forward to that great day they would be hitched forever to their men.

It was a promise made when they were not really in their right minds because the little content of alcohol in their juice was making them light in the head.

It was a promise they were stuck to fulfilling at the end of the day and so, after each of their weddings, they sent the videos and the pictures and the following week, they would talk about it, laughing, taunting and flirting.

"Titilope, what do I do right now?"

"To what? I don't understand you."

She shifted closer to me and looked over her shoulders just to be sure there was no one around.

"I still don't know what to do about my friends. Help me. They're now turning my backs. What was a simple, unreasonable promise is now something that's threatening to separate us. It was just a very stupid promise we made out of the euphoria of getting married.

I don't feel sending the videos of my intimacy with my man. It is not something quite reasonable. I mean, I don't want to. I can't. Intimacy with one's partner is something sacred that is not meant for the eyes of another to see. I can't. It feels awkward."

"Did they send you theirs?"

"Yes. No, don't look at me that way, Titi. Please, don't."

"I'm not even looking at you in anyway. It's your imagination."

"To be honest, they fulfilled their promises by sending their videos when they got married. I had already forgotten all about it until I saw the videos weeks later after their weddings but I didn't watch them."

"Do they know that, that you didn't watch the videos?"
She shook her head slowly, coming to terms the reality of what she got herself into.

"No. I thought it wasn't necessary to tell them. I swear I never watched the videos. I can't send my videos to these ladies. I can't share what I share with my man with someone else. They will never use the videos against me but I just don't want it.

I want this intimacy to be between my man and I. We haven't really gotten the handle of the whole bedroom matters but we're getting there. I love the fact that we're both taking time to explore each other and not that there were some unsolicited advice or styles in my head.

When Moyo got married and sent her video, I got excited. I didn't watch the video, well, I watched it a little. Just the first ten seconds. That doesn't count as watching something, right? I couldn't resist it. It got me excited and I seriously looked forward to the day I would be having such with my man.

Like I said, we're both each other's first, so, it's understandable. Sending our videos to these ladies is not something I want to do. At the same time, losing these ladies is not an option either. I can't afford to lose them, Titilope.

We've come a long way to break everything right now. I can't.

We taunt one another and even make empty threats of going to seduce the new husband, to know his strength. They're all empty threats even though at one point, I could see pure desire in Moyo when Funke was talking about her first night with her husband. She reeked of crazy fantasies for Moyo's husband and at a point, Funke had to make excuse that Moyo should not come to her place because she was having a revival session in her home.

I don't want this. The taunts are good, the threats are good. Infact, I love the fantasies, I love the flirting but I enjoyed them when I was single. Now that I have a man, I can't bear those things.

What do I do? Help me.

Bottom line: beware of promises you make when you're too excited.

It's another Wednesday where we talk about life issues. What should/can be done in this situation, people? Air your opinions.


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