Biography of Pastor James Wadeng

James Wadeng Magai is a South Sudanese gospel preacher. He is well known as Pastor James Wadeng. He is from Dachuek Community, Barpiny, Twic East County, Jonglei State, South Sudan.

James Wadeng came to The Redeemed Christian Church of God-Peace Sanctuary on June, 13th 2010  in Bor, Jonglei State where he handed over his life to Jesus Christ, became established in the faith, served in different departments and capacities and later served as a translator in the church.

Pastor James Wadeng carefully identified the called of God upon his life. Though he was not willing to answer the called because of extreme level of poverty in his family. He first wanted to liberate his family from poverty before entering into ministry but God arrested him through an encounter when Pastor E.A Adeboye prayed for him in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on the 24th November 2017.

After that encounter he was sent to Rccg-Open Heavens Sanctuary, Gudele, Juba, South Sudan his first mission field where he served for closed to six (6) years. James Wadeng currently serves as the presiding Pastor of Rccg-City of David Parish, Bilpam, Juba South Sudan.

Pastor James Wadeng has a mandate to change lives and destinies by the word and the power of God. God spoke to him through an encounter in February 2018, " You have seen how I have changed your destiny from now on, your name shall be called Wadeng (Meaning Destiny) and I will use you to change many destinies".

As part of his mandate, James Wadeng has organised  and preached in many Christian gatherings including Juba Supernatural Crusade, End Time Summit, Bor Destiny Conference. His vision is to see lives and destinies changed by the word and the power of God.

James Wadeng understands the efficacy of spiritual covering, mentorship and fatherhood. So he has fathers and mentors like Pastor E.A Adeboye, Pastor Caesar Chile Udihirinwa, Pastor Mike Jojo, Pastor Paul Enenche and P. Daniel Olawande.

James Wadeng graduated with Honors Degree in Environmental studies, University of Juba, School of Natural Resources and Environmental studies, Juba, South Sudan. He also has certificate from THE BECOMING HUB, Lagos Nigeria, An Online mentorship platform of P.Daniel Olawande.

James Wadeng is currently working with Forafrika South Sudan, where he serves as Environmental Health Officer dealing with Meal Activities in Health and Nutrition. He has worked with other organisations before such as Medicine San Frontier (MSF, France) and World Vision.

Pastor James Wadeng is happily married to his best friend Hilda Wadeng and they are blessed with two beautiful children.

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