Let's talk about it Wednesdays.

You crawl to

the corner of your room whimpering silently because you don't want to wake your younger sister who is fast asleep. You stifle your sobs and allow the tears to flow because it is the only way your heart can be free of the pain.

You open your eyes to see your younger sister sleeping peacefully and you seriously want to trade places with her at the moment. 

Just two weeks ago, you came back from school after a long semester and instead of being happy, you locked yourself in your room.

You sniffles and check your phone again and you can still see the same message and video. A video of you taking your bath and a message below it stating that you should show up at a hotel this Saturday or else your video goes viral. 

There is also a strict warning that you shouldn't try anything stupid by telling anyone.

You're scared because you know what the miscreants can do. They have done this before to a lady in your hostel that made the lady to stop coming to school. Her whereabouts, unknown. You're more scared of what will become of you if your video should go viral. 

You're more confused because the sender is the same guy in school who has been telling you he loves you but because of your Christian background and a strict decision, you keep refusing his advances but now, this.

There is your Christian background and decision staring at you and there is your video also staring at you.

What do you do?

Let us talk about it Wednesdays........ 

(Opinions, life issues, decisions, secrets, God)

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