The Art of Soul Winning

 Why Should you win Souls?
Soul winning is a
1. Commandment (Mtthew 8:1)
2. Proof of Depth, Wisdom and Maturity (Colossians 4:12, Galatians 4:19, Mark 16:20, Luke 8:3)
3. Proof and Seal of Discipleship (John 15:8)
4. Channel for reward in God’s Kingdom (Daniel 12:3)
You were won so you can win others. Soul winning is not for evangelists. It is for everyone. Evangelists (Ephesians 4:11) should coach/teach believers the art of effective soul wnning.
Benefits of Soul Winning
1. Exceeding Power (Mark 16:20, Matthew 28:23-30)
2. Greatness (Acts 6:7, Acts 14:37, Deuteronomy 8:18)
3. Increased Glory

Training for (to become) an Effective Soul Winning (John 4:6, 2nd Samuel 23:10, John 4:11, Matthew 10:20)
The Samaritan woman was tribalistic (John 4:9), a religious devotee and an isolated neighbor
1. Start with a Conversation
2. Create a Conviction
3. Propel a confession from the conviction (John 4:16-17)
4. Then a Comprehension (understanding) comes (John 4:17-19)
5. And finally a conversion (she went to tell others) John 4:29
6. Then a Consecration comes – a thirst of wanting to fulfill Christ
7. A continuation in God

A. The Instructive Conversation of a Compassionate Soul Winner (John 3:1, John 4:6 – Nicodemus came to Jesus by night (a man to a man) wile the Samaritan woman came by day (a man to a woman) 1st Kings 17:10, John 4:9) (She was respectful –John 4:11. She compared people (Art thou greater than Jacob – John 4:12) Jesus did not answer because he was not after winning accolades or glory. Instead, he was after winning her soul. You don’t always need to answer.)
B. The Imperative Confession of a Converted Sinner
C. The Immediate Commitment of a Converted Soul

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