Christian Fiction: The Game

She was having a conversation with one of the ladies when she felt the muscular arms. She knew that cologne anywhere and the chuckle he released in her ear was too familiar to miss.

They cheered, the men exchanging back-of-the-hand-twist-it-and-give-it-back-to-your-chest handshake. 

Even though she had the most beautiful smile on her face, her stomach churned in utter disgust. She squirmed in his arms and allowed the arms to encircle her tiny frame when she realized escape was not part of the options available.

"This is the way she's always running and I have to chase her around the house before I can have her." 

Another cheer from families and friends who had gathered to celebrate their fifth year of being pronounced man and wife.

 When the noise subsided and there was much concentration on mingling and eating by the guests, he breathed on her skin, right next to her right ear.

"I love you, babe. I need you. My hands are itching and they need you. I desire you."

He bit her ear playfully getting a low groan from her and left.

When they got home later, he saw how she tried so hard to clamp her legs together, he saw her desperation. He knew she was already looking forward to having a nice time with her husband but he was only going to enjoy the show. 

A big smirk of victory etched on his face and he went to the bathroom. Minutes later, he was sleeping by her side leaving her untouched and hungry.

This was his game. 

When he had declared at the party that she was always running away, she had wondered how ironic it was. He was always running, playing the never-ending hide and seek game while she was always searching and longing. He would get her aroused and refused to touch her. 

Instead, he would give her that smirk and go to sleep. Who would believe it had been this way for five months? 

Her heart ached when she remembered her many pleas and discussion, just to get to know his mind about the situation, to know what was really going on which unfortunately didn't yield any profit so far. 

She glanced at him again and sighed. Of course, she would sleep "hungry" again but the constant thought of him probably getting it outside gnawed at her and with it also came the last option blinking at her; divorce.

What can be done in this situation?


(Life issues, decisions, secrets, opinions)

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