5 Lessons from the life of Caleb

Caleb was a leader from the tribe of Judah, the son of Jephunneh. He was one of the twelves spies sent by moses to go spy the land of Canaan which the Lord has promised them for an inheritance. He has a daughter called Achsah and He is a man that followed the Lord wholly.
Let's take a little tour on the life of Caleb.
Caleb was a man that had a complete trust in God, a leader from the tribe of Judah. Who was one of the Spies that was chosen by Moses to go spy the land of Canaan, a land flowing with milk and honey.
The other spies came back with their bad report, but Caleb came back with a good report and himself and Joshua were ready to go take the Land as God has promised them. They tried to encourage their fellow Isrealite that it's an exceedingly good land, A land flowing with milk
and honey, even their enemy was nothing to them.
But the people didn't believe, so Joshua and Caleb defeated the Giants, inherited the land as well as the children of their people who didn't believe .
As for them who didn't believe and brought back bad reports, they never saw the land neither did they enter the Land as they said.
For you to get the full story, here are Scriptures to guide you. (Numbers Chapter 13 and14, Joshua Chapter 14 and 15, Judges 1 also see Numbers 26:65, 32:12, 34:19)
Now to the main talk of the day titled "Lessons from the life of Caleb.
I will be talking about 5 Lessons.
Lessons one: FAITH
Complete Trust in God.
From the story and life of Caleb, I learn't that He was having a complete trust in God, he doesn't
bring back peoples report, He's a man of faith who doesn't work by his sight but by faith in God. So as Children of God we should have trust in God.
What you believe/see.
From the life and story of Caleb, what you believe matters a lot and what you believe is actually what you see. They saw the giant in the land the they let loose of their faith, what they saw became what they believed and brought back as a report. But Caleb brought back a better report and was ready to take the Land
Your Faith is your strength.
Don't talk yourself out of it talk yourself into it.
Caleb believed at the age of 40 when he was sent to spy the land and He came back to Joshua at the age of 85 to ask for the land of his possession to conquer and to possess.
Faith would keep you strong, like Caleb said to Joshua I am as strong this day as was the day moses sent us to go spy the land of Canaan.
Lesson two: Obedience
Yielded to Instruction
If they were yielded to the instructions of moses as commanded by God they would have brought back good report, they were harden at heart. But only Joshua and Caleb was yielded. The other Isrealite only remembered to bring back fruit and report but they forgot to be of a good courage as they were Instructed. In every way both Joshua and Caleb was Obedient to God's commandment and promise.
Lesson three: COURAGE
Boldness to take possession.
He was bold and of a good courage
Lesson four: Exemption/ Minority
One man with God's opinion is better than many with man's opinion.
Because of him God still saw a reason why he should give the children of Isreal the land as
promised and was exempted from those would not inherite the land because he believed God's word.
Lesson five: Godly heritage.
His daughter has the same faith like the Father.
That she asked for more. Caleb could pass down a good exam to his family and tribe as a leader and was able to bring them into the Land which God has promised their fore fathers.
In summary of it all, it takes faith to bring God's word to pass.
Now my question is; why was Joshua and Caleb of more faith than the other leaders who was also sent to spy the land of Canaan?
Please your responses would be much appreciated as we are all learning God's word together.

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