How to Make Your Productivity Pay

Kokon is a young lady. She falls in the category of people the world refers to as invalids.

However, anytime I think about her feat (beating every handed student in drawing with her feet), I recall the words of a sage that "Real handicaps are not people with physical and mental challenges, but people who have accepted lethargy and limitation as part of life."

When you see people like this and you say you are waiting for motivation, forget it, you will most likely find none. They are beyond motivators.

Today, I learnt a lesson to crave and encourage productivity through the story of this friend. Kokon is one personality I believe everyone should meet at a point in time.

I learnt from her that to dream anything that you want to dream is the beauty of the human mind and to do anything you want to do is the strength of the Human will.

Also, her story taught me that Productivity is never an accident. It is the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.

A change of status begins with a change of desire with the fulfilling future belonging to those with strong vision and resilience. It doesn't matter where you might be now. Starting well and finishing strong is one ethos people believe would serve the interest of society.

I also gained that when you leverage on the experience of the professional, success is guaranteed; the expectations of life depending upon diligence and hardwork.

These tips are few, yet, in the left and sacred hand should they abide all the days of a man's life. For sure, the world would gain more than she had ever if we learn from these.

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