Owning Your Self Fulfilling Prophecies

One basic feature of the law of expectation is that: "Whatever you expect, with confidence becomes your own self fulfilling prophecy." This means that you do not necessarily get what you want but what you expect.

If you confidently expect something to happen, this expectation has a powerful effect on your attitude and personality. The more confident your expectation, the more likely it is that you will do and say the things that are consistent with what you expect to happen. As a result, you will dramatically increase the probabilities that you will achieve exactly what you hope for. One wonderful thing about expectation is that you can manufacture your own. You can wake up each morning and say "I believe something wonderful is coming my way today." As you go through that day, you create a force field of expectations that surrounds you and affects the people who you come in contact with. Thus, in some remarkable way, a series of wonderful things would happen to you.

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The successful people expect to be successful, the happy expect happiness, the popular expect a liking from people. They expect and are seldom disappointed. The flipside of positive expectations are the negative expectations many people have. The unhappy expect to fail, they expect disappointment and hurt in their ventures.

When we develop positive expectations and do away with negativity this neutral law of expectations would bring the very best of experience.

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