Ride the wave of life with a sense of guidance to something beyond self gratification. It adds meaning to life . Do not halt at the rest stop of distraction not to succumb to the indulgent luxury of self pity . The problems and challenges we face could be merely distraction from the greater force of destiny that draws us from where we started to where we will accomplish what we were meant to do.


Isolation means separation, segregation. It is the second stage in the five tricks of the devil . I call isolation the trickiest of them all and as you read down you will get to know why 🤓 after the devil distracts a man from the word or God or from purpose , he gets him into isolation where the real process of torture begins which is oppression and possession and finally destruction. Our lack of sensitivity makes us blame God for the distractions that comes our way . When Adam and Eve got distracted from the instructions of God , the next step was isolation, guilt condemnation and all of that messed up emotional reactions when we are supposed to own  up and go back to God for restoration . The devil played this trick on me for a very long time until I realized it was his scheme to stop me from getting help.
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Isolation is simply a state of being in a place that is separate from others . Isolation is the devils solitary confinement that he builds around your mind to stop you from getting help in order for him to destroy a man without the world knowing . There was a time I messed up really bad , I was still dealing with my anger issues and I was still dealing with it because I thought I had the capacity to control myself without the help of God , so I messed up really bad and I wouldn’t tell anyone because I got distracted from the word of God that says there is no condemnation and I should get help but I wouldn’t listen because the devil was lying to me that no one cares and I should just keep to myself and act like I was fine . A trick to get me so oppressed and possessed so that that anger would have led me into something that would have destroyed the entire plan of God but thank God for restoration.

Isolation is a trick to keep you from getting better , when a man is distracted from the word of God and he is not sensitive to know it is the devil , he could get into isolation if he doesn’t speak out . Once the devil can gets a man to be distracted long enough , he isolated him with lies and bitterness as a tool in his mind to keep him from getting help. Some of us are in isolation, lying to ourselves we are fine , hiding bad habits so everyone would think we are fine , playing church but yet we are slowly going back to things we denounced . Isolation is like living a life of a fugitive, always on the run , always hiding and that’s the trick the devil uses on a man so he can destroy him ALONE , he stops him from being accountable because he knows that accountability to one or two persons will break the chain of lies and deception moreover one of the ways to not step into the place of isolation after being distracted is to be accountable, accountability to one or two persons will destroy the power of isolation. When the oppression of the prodigal son began in the Bible , the devil made sure he was alone and thank God for the remembrance of how wonderful his father his and this is what we should always put at the back of our mind that no matter what we do God is ready to receive us back with open hands .

```When an inmate in the prison is placed in a solitary confinement, we all know the result of that . He is segregated from the rest most times to be tortured alone . The solitary confinement of the devil is the torture room , that is where the torture begins because now he knows you are alone and you are not ready to be accountable. Stop staying long enough in condemnation, it’s a cage the devil builds around you to keep you in a spot . A spot of bitterness , pain and suffering and I pray in Jesus' name for restoration for anyone who is in isolation in Jesus' name . ```

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