The Year 2023 in Review: The Good, The Bad and Ugly

Every year comes with its craze and many times, "crazy" is an understatement. In the midst of all that craze, God tries to reach out to us like he did to Peter in the midst of the boisterous windstorm the other day at sea. At first peter was so sure everything was going to turn out well then just like I did he got scared of the wind , in my case it was the fear of being alone , fear of not having anything yet told to take a leap of faith , told to start a business when I didn’t even know anything other than publicity about business . 2019 , was indeed a crazy one . The year took off with so much faith and confessions but there came February , a month that sucked me out emotionally. God just told me in the place of Prayer that I was going to start a business and he gave me the name but here I was getting scammed , I didn’t know my fear led me to looking for a quick way out . My fear of the great unknown led me to desperation to double up the little I had . Fear is a device , it is a trap house , the aroma of the devil that lures him to you but God is a faithful of God and his love for us is reckless and he came back from him with countless favors infact 2019 was the year God answered a prayer request I have been asking him . The prayer of help . 

The second phase of the year was like the second trimester of a pregnant woman , it is recorded that the first trimester is always heavily loaded with morning sickness and fatigue but the second trimester is always energetic and it is always easiest three month of pregnancy . How i so rested in this second phase , I almost forgot it is a walk  with God and not a step , this phase of my life got me thinking I was done learning all I need to know about God . Jesus had just  caught me like he caught peter and I was feeling Lit . My confession game was second to none , my faith game looked like it was 100 percent up 😂😂😂, i was living the best time of my life as a Christian , entrepreneur and a law student . This is the phase where you think you are done walking with God and you think you have enough strength to withstand the lies of the devil . Everything was PERFECT , I had no reason to think anything could happen otherwise and I forgot the devil is jobless and he goes to and fro seeking for whom to devour and I also forgot that let he who stands let him watch lest he falls . It is safe to say like the creator of Nike once put it in his book “shoe dog” that happiness dulls the senses , in this case it is not  a crime to be happy , it is a crime to be unconscious but in all of this God was still faithful with promptings and speaking back to me in his word then came the fall of September . .. 

the third phase began with me being terribly sick , I was so sick I could not bath for myself , everything I knew about God was questioned , it was like God renting me out to the devil like JOB , my faith was questioned , my devotion , fellowship and love walk was questioned, at a point I began to doubt the love of God for me , I was distracted due to my sickness and I allowed emotions get in the way of my relationship with God and with people . This is the phase I call “THE WHY ME” phase . The phase where everything is not making sense and you make all the mistakes . In this phase I watched two movies that transformed my relationship with God , breakthrough and overcomers . They were both like rescue missions from heaven for my faith and love . I was in the middle of a sickness that I couldn’t understand when I saw them , they changed my focus . It was at this moment I understood the verse that says “that the trying of our faith may produce perseverance”. My heart was humbled and  it is still getting humbled , it is so funny and very usual of God that I was more enlightened in my moments of pain and confusion . It was like my work passing through fire . 2019 was crazy in the end but it was crazily enlightening. 

2019 was a school for me , after everything is said I am glad to say it was my best year so far . I had the opportunity to grow , to make mistakes and learn about God , business and people  most importantly the revelation of who God is , his love that is  love is unquestionable no matter the circumstances.  I thought I knew What God love is until the beginning of September 2019 and if there is anything I will never forget in 2020 is “never to doubt The love of God for me . His love is unfailing.

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