God has Forgotten - Have You?

Our lives have never always been a matter of giving alone. If it were only about giving, God beats us to the game every time - I mean, He gave us everything from time immemorial, before the foundation of the earth were laid so God had, and has no giving issues.

The challenge has always been with man - yes, us. We find it hard to receive. There is a clear distinction between giving and receiving and there’s really no need for a dictionary to define that. It is very possible to have access to something or to be offered something  but still refuse to take it. Now, is this supposed to be the headache of the giver? Of course not.

Where did we even get the idea that the word of God is some Harry porter wand that is able to change our mindset instantly immediately after we respond to the alter call whether in our rooms or in church. Well the hot tea is No ! And I am not just saying this out of exhaustive thinking and philosophical thoughts but from God’s word - the Bible (Romans 12:2).

"Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect"

I am sorry to be the one to break it to some of us , you might probably just think that I am hard or I am acting like I am perfect but God forbid I am anyone of these  but I learned this after three years of whining , sulking and hoping that everything would change instantly. Believe me or not somethings and situations that happened to us are strongholds in our minds, they have become the walls we have built against ourselves , hence made it difficult to receive the already given deliverance . It is important to note that our mind didn't get born again ,A man is a spirit that has a soul that consists of his will , mind and emotions in a body . Therefore , for us to get our already given freedom we have to let the word God heal our minds . Our mind is the center of everything , its beliefs determines how much of the freedom we have in Christ we will receive .

I had a messed up childhood, I was verbally , physically , sexually and emotionally abused hence the insecurities, paranoias, emotional instability and mood swings frequently for a while . I thought they didn't do so much harm to me until after I gave my life to Christ and I realized hard as I tried I couldn't receive what I already have in Christ. I was frustrated for a while , really frustrated. I was praying and wishing but doing less of allowing the word of God to address the effects of my abuse. Just like some of us are thinking of our mind diseases, I thought it was all going to go away, I wished I would wake up someday and everything is fine. We all know wishers never gets anything done , yes they don't, even wishing Christians. Someday I will write about the difference between wishes and faith . 

I know you have questions right now , questions like "Do you mean our past has been forgotten by God ?" Yes of course . The question is "Have you?" . God has forgotten but you may not have. There are somewhere hurting you and your decisions just like in my own case , I had not forgotten. All I did was lock them away , failed to address them and refused to really deal with them . I did lock them away but they were still showing up in my everyday life , making decisions for me because I didn't allow God the deal with my wounds . They messed with me for a while until I asked God the same question some of you are asking as you read . What is going on God ? 

I realized that I needed to treat my wounds by the word and allow God to take His time . It is important to note that until we pick on the wounds that have become a stronghold in our minds and deal with them using the word of God, we will never come into possession of what God has already given us and they will keep bullying us. 

Admit your pain, name your wounds and allow the word of God to treat them.

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