The Pain of Being Stuck

Do we really believe in the power of God to make things new? 
Well, sometimes ago, I acted in a way I shouldn't have , it was what humans would call a costly mistake . I sulked all day because I expected more from myself , I know now that that was pride , the spirit of perfectionism is the best friend of pride but that is a topic I will talk about another day . After sulking for a while , I dragged my stubborn self to talk to God and I heard in spirit "Tola that is in the past and God can't even remember , why are you stuck in the past , there is so much God has given you to do today , even though you are physically present , your mind is in the past"!

How many of us sulk over some mistakes or some annoying situations they happened in the past . We often allow 5 minutes ruin 24 hours just because we can't let go . Move on and move on fast . The more we refuse to let go , the more we feel condemned , rejected and guilty . Just imagine  if Jesus was stuck in what peter did to him or Judas , maybe he would have refused to rise up. Being stuck in the past denies us of receiving the beautiful present which is always a gift so let us Move on and move on fast 💨

Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Isa 43:18

We need to always believe in the power of our father to make things new every seconds , every minute as long as we are ready to show him our weaknesses 

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