How to Pray Forgiveness and Healing For Your Jerusalem

Because of the state of our nation, we many times feel like the devil has taken total victory of the land. We also feel great despair as we watch our nation make one wrong turn after the other. In the midst of all of these, what exactly is God saying? Is He indeed silent?

Asking these multiple questions at a time like this will never give us true answers. However, there is a greater news than whatever it is that we face. The news is that the devil has not won yet. We get an assurance of this because Scriptures say in 2nd Chronicles 7:14 that if God's people who are called by His name shall humble themselves, apologise, pray and obey God by putting a stop to evil doings, then, He will hear from heaven, forgive them and heal their land. This assurance confirms that God owns the final move and He can make that move when we pray. 

Ogbomoso prayer walk for Nigeria

Whenever we pray, God works. It may look as though nothing is happening, or that He is slow to respond. You may also think that He is not interested in the issue any longer.  But then there are two amazing things about prayer. The first is that God listens whenever we pray. You can pray for anything, and if you believe,  you will have it (Mark 11:24). Also,  through prayer, we have the greatest privilege - constant and unimaginable access to the control centre of the universe - yet we do not optimise its use. 

Our lack of prayer surprises God greatly.  This is why He laments in Ezekiel 22:30 that He constantly seeks for a man who would stand in the gap before Him on behalf of the land so that it shall not be destroyed, but He found none. To point good examples, the art of praying for our land should follow Abraham's pattern in Genesis 18:22, where he ensured that he stood in the gap on behalf of Lot and the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. Also, Moses in Exodus 32:11 interceded for the Israelites in like manner when they made the golden calf that warranted a nationwide death penalty for Israel.

Another example that shows how far a believer must pray for his Jerusalem is explained in the life of Phinehas who begged God not to send the plague. His prayers cancelled the wrath on the land as recorded in Psalms 106:30.

Every believer must place premium value on prayers for their nations. One of the greatest reason for this is because the works and labours of the citizens cannot go far. However, when we pray, God works far than we expect. To further explain the importance of prayers, 1st Thessalonians 5:17 wraps it as an activity similar to breathing. What this simply means is this - prayer is as essential to a believer's spiritual life just as breathing is essential to the physical body. You can only hold your breath for a while,  but holding up prayer for that long will lead to dire spiritual consequences which in turn will affect the physical. 

Finally, in praying for the nations, consider the art of praying together, with the brethren. There is extra potency and strength when you pray with fellow believers with one mind. This is why Matthew 18:19 confirms that when two agree together, praying in the name of Jesus, there will be definite answers. This is what the prayer of agreement does - it promises and establishes results. God understood this power of unity at the tower of Babel before its fall.

Whatever it is affecting your nation, gather as believers, put your voices together and lend your cries to the heavens in prayer. Because the effectual and fervent prayer of the righteous avails, it is certain that God will definitely answer, forgive and heal your land.


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  1. Wow...
    No giving up...
    Prayer is the key,

    1. Definitely! We shall overcome at the place of prayer!


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