The Potency of God's Word

Whenever God speaks, the power to acomplish it lies in the word He speaks. Also, everything counted as the word of God will definitely be accomplished. Asides these, there is much more potency in the word of God that we can barely scratch the surface in a bid to unravel it.

At the resurrection of Jesus, He gave us His word, His name and His Spirit - tangible gifts to help us through the waiting period until His second coming. By the gift of the Bible, we have God's word handy. This is one reason why Joshua 1:8 directs us as believers to meditate and observe it day and night.

God's word comes in different forms and dimensions. It could be in letters, written as is the Scriptures. It could also be spoken,  gotten through a word of knowledge,  word of wisdom or prophecy amongst other forms. In Luke 24:32, a different dimension of the potency of God's word is expressed. Reading through from Luke 24:17, the two Emmaus-bound pilgrims were broken hearted by the event of the crucifixion of Jesus. As a result, they were unaware of the presence of Jesus and asked Him. questions, wondering how the crucified Jesus would resurrect from the dead (and without recognition) and come to take their sorrows. Jesus on the other hand explained scriptures about himself to them, quoting from the passages and writings of Moses and the prophets (Luke 24:27). He opened their eyes to His word and lifted their heavy hearts with the word and the surety of God's prophecies in scriptures until they discovered that He was the Christ. 
According to NCV,  it best translates Luke 24:32 saying "It felt like a fire burning in us when Jesus... explained the scriptures to us". This is a dimension of potency that God's word guarantees the believer. God's word brings a strong conviction and causes a deep understanding of any issue.  It comes usually with a light to unravel the mystery and make uncertain things clear. Psalms 119:105 says "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."

Every situation deserves the entrance of God's word to speak to it. We have a stronger presence of God's word because it became flesh and moved amongst men (John 1:14). There are many hurting people who have lost hope and the word of God became flesh through Jesus going out of His way to redeem sinners,  lift the fallen,  encourage the despaired  and give hope to everyone. 

Today, the word lives inside the believer through the presence of the Holy Spirit and as a product of constant meditation on Scriptures. God's word can do much more if we apply it - change the criminal,  give hope to the lost,  minister to the sick, lonely and forgotten. If believers will apply the word of God, believing strongly in its potency,  there will certainly be results that will make heaven proud.

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  1. This website is going beyond normal human expectations. It's conduit is surely Spiritual and will ever be amazing. The treatment of the word of God as read above is likewise powerful and wonderful. More power for exploit!

  2. True...
    Only if we know the word can we access and make use of it.
    "The word of God is lamp to guide me and light for my path."
    And as much as their is power in the name of Jesus, He cherishes His words more than His name, so all I need to do is harness the Power in the word of God.

    Thank you so much for again bringing to our notice the potency of the Word of God.

    1. "As much as there is power in the name of Jesus, He cherishes His words more than His name"

      Those words are ever golden. Thank you for your comments!


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