Loving Your Neighbour as Yourself

The commandment of Christ in Mark 12:31 says "Love your neighbor as yourself". Many have misinterpreted this in two ways.

Firstly, they see it as love your neighbor if they love you back. But that is not it. The agape love is unconditional so once you love them because they love you then you're not fufilling God's commandment. Everyone and anyone can love people because they are loved in return. God's love for your neighbours here means that it must not be based on your preference for your neighbours or people around you. Simply, whether they love you in return or not, you must show them love.


Secondly, some others see it as love your neighbor over or in-spite of loving yourself. It is very possible to be in this category and not know that you are doing this to yourself. People in this category will discover that they do everything to make everyone else happy and deprive their own selves the happiness that they desire. Sadly, this is not love. It becomes foolishness and as a result, the people you claim to love above yourself will keep taking advantage of you over and over again.

The right way is to love your neighbor the way you love yourself. So the main question is, DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF? i mean do you see yourself as even worth loving? As a Christian i know God loves me, in fact He loves all mankind but just hates our sins. So if the purest person in existence loves you then who are you to look down on yourself as not worthy of loving YOU.

Someone asked me a question this week, "aren't you tired of being disappointed in this issue ? and i said No." it sounded brave and heroic then but with further reflection i realize it was pretty silly, i mean can't you love yourself enough to do what's right for you ?
If we loved ourselves we would eat right, exercise, look good, chase away toxic friends,

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