Quenching Satan’s Darts

God's word in James 4:7 instructs the believer to resist the devil and he shall flee. This is because God is aware that the devil lurks around always, seeking believers whom will fall victim to his tacts.


The first appearance of the devil in the order of Bible record was in Genesis where he encountered the woman, Eve. 

In John 10:10, believers are warned again that the devil has three basic motives - to steal, kill and destroy. In that light, it is necessary that as believers, we must always be on guard of our hearts. The devil has a strategy and agenda against the believers in the kingdom of God. A perfect illustration for this is a festive season when you are about to kill a chicken. If you imagine that you have a stray chicken outside a cage and another inside a cage, there is every likelihood that you will go after the chicken that is free and outside the cage. This is exactly how it is for the devil. His strategy, plans and agennda is not targeted towards the people he has in captive. The devil will not run after a sinner who is completely pledged to him. Instead, he seeks to draw more souls to his fold of destruction.

The harvest is near and it is plenty. The devil must not score points against the kingdom of God. This will only be possible if believers can rise to the occasion and ensure that the fiery darts of the enemy fail each time he hurls them.

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