The New Life Bible Training Course

The New Life Bible Training Course is a four-week spirit filled certification course organised by the New Man Movement. It is is an encounter course with God via a bible-based curriculum focused on developing a living relationship with God as Father. A relationship that ensures an understanding of who you are and who God is.

The New Life Bible Training Course

As a Bible based and Spirit-filled course, it discusses the New Life of a believer in Christ. It is a discipleship course for the heart hungry for more yet finding it hard to articulate that need.
The syllabus covers topics relating to understanding the concept of eternal salvation, walking in newness of Christ, the God Life (Zoe) and Sharing the Life of God.

Participants will be discipled into the ways of God and His Kingdom. The course also introduces a rigorous training in the spiritual disciplines for the development of habits that will help participants and sustain them in the  work of the Kingdom.


The New Life Bible Training Course entails series of practical sessions, action points and student tailored aids to help participants to enjoy the course. These study aids are designed in such a way that the participants can assimilate quickly and experience first hand spiritual workings of the new man in Christ.

This course is for you if:

  • You are struggling with maintaining consistency in spiritual disciplines of prayer, bible study, fellowship and fasting
  • You find it difficult to hear from God or you do not even know you can hear from God for yourself and for your world
  • You desire that the truths you read about in the Bible become your daily reality
  • You are hungry for spiritual growth and need help with a more rapid and consistent growth in the things of the spirit
  • You think you are called into ministry and you have no idea where to start
  • You are confused about your purpose in God and what exactly your identity as a believer is

    Confident in your identity in Christ.
    A person living from the mind of Christ. A mind aligned with the thoughts and plans of God.
    People walking in purpose, ready to enforce the agenda of the Kingdom of God on the earth.
    Grow spiritually in the things of the Spirit and in your ability to hear God for yourself


    Be born again
    Be available for all live sessions and to cover all online video/audio sessions in a timely manner. Assignments and projects included.
    Be ready to devote at least four hours a week for study, prayers, meditation and group activities

Course Delivery Methods

  • Webinars
  • Video/Audio Content
  • E-books

Course Duration

  • 4 weeks.

Live webinar dates: To be communicated
Program Close: 21st February

Curriculum / Course Details

  • Week 1 – Your Identity and the nature of God

This module gives you revelation into who you are in Christ, the differences between your fleshly identity and spiritual identity. You will learn to live from the right identity. It will also help you shed the wrong image you have had about God and to let you see from a deep dive into scriptures who God really is.

  • Week 2 – Biblical Meditation and Journaling

This module shows us how to hear from God clearly through scripture and how to properly steward and document revelation received.

  • Week 3 - The Kingdom Agenda

This module will teach us whose agenda is important, why souls are the most important resource and why your real purpose is the Kingdom of God’s purpose.

  • Week 4 - Ruling from Identity/Victorious Living

This module will teach you to long for a deeper relationship with God and to enforce His agenda upon the earth. This module will introduce you to the way of life of a believer, to help you understand that you are meant to live everyday from victory; in full possession of the promises in every way. This module breaks down for you what a victorious mindset entails and how it translates to living a life of victory as a believer.

  • Dream Class – A deep dive into what our dreams mean and how this is a tool through which God speaks to His people.
  • Introduction to the Prophetic Lifestyle – This is an introduction into hearing God, not just for yourself but for the world around you.

At the end of the New Life Bible Training course, you would

  • Be revived into the knowledge and ways of God like never before.
  • Understand that your purpose is hidden in God’s purpose on the earth.
  • To know that the promises of God are for here and now. It is not a futuristic thing.
  • To understand that to hear God for yourself alone is not the end goal but to hear God for the transformation of the world is essential.
  • To walk fully aware that you are a son of God, free to establish our Kingdom here on this earth.
  • Ready to live in the abundant life heaven prepared for us, living in the fulfilment and promises of God.

Meet the lead instructor

Nelson Vincent is a prophetic teacher of the gospel with the grace to teach the Word of God in a simple and relatable manner. He is called as an apostle on the mountain of the media and expresses this mandate through the New Man Movement. You can find him online via his website and social media links.

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