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Mother in Law is a movie about a lady who walked into her marriage with the mindset of ill-treating her supposed mean mother-in-law. She purposed in her heart to take revenge on her mother-in-law and also treat her like the mother of her husband that she is. Despite all advice from her friend, she was hell bent to contend because she lacked the tools needed to win the heart of her mother-in-law. The audience is left to find out what happens when a stern mother-in-law meets a cussed daughter-in-law.

Produced in 2020 by the Mount Zion Film Productions, Nigeria, with a total run time of  218 Minutes, Mother in Law was written by Evangelist Gloria Bamiloye and directed by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye. The movie was produced by Evangelist Gloria Bamiloye and edited by Joshua Mike Bamiloye. It featured seasoned gospel actors including Oguma Martha. O, Okitikpi Moyowa O., Olumide Oki, Yemi Adepoju, Gloria Bamiloye and a host of others.

Kindly access the download links below

Mother in Law  I

Mother in Law  II (The Plight of the father in law)

Mother in Law  III

Mother in Law IV (Divorce) Episode 1

Mother in Law IV (Divorce) Episode 2

Mother in Law  IV (Divorce) Episode 3 

Mother in Law V (Divorce) Episode 4 

 (Coming soon)

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