Biography of Pastor Segun Chris Onayinka

Full Biography of Pastor Segun Chris Onayinka

Born on May 11, Pastor Chris Segun Onayinka is a Nigerian Pastor and a profound teacher of the word of God who teaches explicitly, the gospel of Jesus Christ and the New Creation realities. He is a Nigerian lawyer by profession and he is the founder and senior Pastor of The Saints Community Church.

A graduate of the Rhemaword Bible School, Pastor Onayinka believes that the gospel is the only solution to human problems, it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believes.

Full Biography of Pastor Segun Chris Onayinka

Pastor Chris Onayinka is happily married to his heartthrob, Pastor Mrs. Lola Onayinka since August 21st, 2004. Pastor Lola Onayinka has been a great blessing to his ministry and together, the couple is blessed with two lovely Children. 

Pastor Segun Chris Onayinka is also the host and convener of the yearly Believer's Conference. His ministry, the Saints Community is a church whose vision is to train believers in the work of the ministry in an atmosphere of love, fellowship, faith and power.

Books by Pastor Segun Onayinka

As an established author, Pastor Segun Onayinka has authored the following books:

  • Can Salvation be Lost?
  • How to be a Blessing to your Church
  • Forgiveness of Sins
  • How to Read your Bible in a Simple Way
  • Christian Faith and Politics: Should a Christian be a Politician (2021)
  • Two Kinds of Righteousness: Investigating the Power of God (2020)
  • Follow up for New Converts
  • The Life of Honour (2021)
  • Concerning Spiritual Growth
  • The Online Church: Bible Theology or Modern Innovation (2021)
  • Tithing Yesterday, Today and Forever (2021)

You can download Rev. Onayinka’s messages and other ministry materials at

Biography of Pastor Segun Chris Onayinka

Pastor Chris Onayinka is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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