Biography of Reverend Gbenga Kotila

Reverend Gbenga Kotila is the Senior Pastor of the Centre for Reality International Church. He is best described as a mobile reserve of Generational Resources. 

Reverend Gbenga Kotila is a seasoned Preacher Of The Word, With a strong committment to nation building. His church, Centre For Reality International Church is a growing, ethnically-diverse ministry committed to making men assets; as well as sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the unsaved and the un-churched and challenging "church-goers" to a deeper and more authentic relationship with the Savior.

With branches in Lagos and Ibadan, Centre For Reality International Church is focused on equipping the saints in making impact and taking the Church to the market places; being examples of the believer.

Reverend Gbenga Kotila is a published author and media evangelist. Through the church's media arm - Realms of Reality, he hosts a weekly broadcast of on Sundays by 9am on Splash FM 105.5

Dr Olayinka Kotila

Reverend Kotila is happily married to Dr Olayinka Kotila. Together, they pastor tbe Centre for Reality Church, Ibadan. Dr Olayinka Kotila is a researcher in the field of pharmacokinetics and an excellent lecturer of Pharmaceutical Chemistry in the University of Ibadan. She is a rugged preacher of the undiluted word of God, she is a mother of three and many generations.

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