5 Ways the Power of Consistency works in a Believer

Consistency is the quality of continuous practice of an act or behaviour and being consistent is one of the important traits a believer should arrive for.

Let us take the example of a leaky tap with its water dripping out slowly, bit by bit while the continuous and consistent leaking might cause an uncontrollable erosion. This example best describes "the power of consistency".

As Christians, when we became born-again, we suddenly have a great zeal to do the works of God. There is also eagerness to pray and fast, we even had the anticipation to grow fast to the level of the fathers in faith. But then, the manifestation of all this boils down to how consistent you are.

The Power of Consistency

What will separate your excitement of receiving the gospel from the gospel becoming  a part of you is your own consistency.

What Power Does a Consistent Life Have?

It is fine to wonder the effects of a life of consistency and how much influence it can take on you. To explain this, let's see an illustration in the life of Daniel (recorded in Daniel 6) as a case-study.

1.The power of consistency is recognised everywhere.

In Daniel 6:1-3, we read that Daniel's rise was not random. He had been seen to be consistent in official and political matters. That was why he was preferred above everyone else. Also, Daniel had an excellent spirit which made his rise so amazing.

2. The power of consistency makes it difficult for people to find faults with you

In Daniel 6:4-5,  Daniel's consistency would have definitely irritated some people especially the lazy officials but then,even when they were angry,they could not find any fault with him in his political career.He did all things with a sense of propriety and faithfulness continually.

3. A consistent Godly life makes you remain uncompromising even in the face of crisis (Daniel 6:7-10).

Abandoning prayers for thirty days would have kept Daniel safe but he did not compromise his faith for the sake of his safety,he knew that once he did,then,he would lose all form of consistency and balance in his spiritual life.What are you facing today that makes you feel abandoning Christ is the best?Your consistency in Christ is your only way to triumph.

4. A consistent life makes everyone give God glory at the end (Daniel 6:20,6:26).

Daniel's consistency in his faith made the world powers of his time to acknowledge the sovereignty of God. Consistency opens you up to becoming the wonder God has destined you to be.

Dear, as a child of God, you should ask yourself how consistent you are to the little assignment in your hands? You should know that those little things can bring nations to Christ. Continually do them with all your best!

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  1. Consistency is key to Universal Breakthrough from Oghenekome

    1. Yea. Very true. Thank you for coming around, Oghenekome!

  2. Kenneth Copeland shares how his wife, Gloria, asked God to live a victorious life - and God replied, "In consistency lies the power."

    He said he has never forgotten that statement.

    I haven't too :)

    Well done.


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