God's Word: A Guide to Familiarity with Him

One unique feature of the word of God is the ability to manifest in our life in every way there is. As growth is essential in Christian race, one thing to note is that you cannot grow without imbibing the word of God. It is impossible to have a very close relationship with God without feeding oneself with His word and being filled with His presence.


Matthew 4:4 aptly says that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. This is enough proof that word of God is food to your spirit man.

The quality of every man's life is dependent on how long you spend in the word. You cannot establish a successful life and ministry by just being "charismatic". Ministry in this case does not necessarily mean that you stand behind a pulpit every service day to preach. It means that you have every available resource to tell people about God. Your business is a vehicle for the gospel because you meet different people daily. Your classrooms or departments are ministries too and you can win your classmates over. You can also do ministry through healing at that hospital where you work. Everyone has a ministry!

Now that you know about your ministry, you must understand that you cannot take over your sector and do ministry there by giving a nice speech or putting on a nice dress. Taking your sector for Christ and representing God is totally dependent on how you take in the word of God. This draws us back to familiarity with God. The intimate fellowship with God releases His anointing and power to help us accomplish what He has called us to do.

We need God's presence in our lives; we need intimate fellowship with Him. The world in which we live can be a frightening place.The word of God is the only thing that can hold you!


How Can I Access God's Word?

To access God's word 

1. Read Your Bible

The first and foremost way of getting God's word is through the Bible. You cannot know God's will for your life unless you read,believe,speak and do all that is written in the Bible.

2. Read Anointed Books

Sometimes, the word of God comes to you through anoited books written by selected vessels in the body of Christ. You might wonder,why do I have to read Christian books or listen to messages?They are simply God's word broken down by human vessels for you to comprehend easily with a touch of their own personal experience which makes it relatable to you!Don't despise reading,Don't despise listening to messages. Simply start from somewhere. There are so many Christian generals you can learn from.


3. Prophecy

The word of God comes to you through prophetic words. Prophecy is the word of God coming to us through human vessels. In Jeremiah 1:9, God told the prophet Jeremiah that he had put forth His hand, and touched his mouth. By doing that, the words of God were placed in the prophet's mouth. The Lord then commanded the prophet in Jeremiah 1:17 to arise, gird up his loins, and speak unto the people he had been sent to.

You have no reason to despise prophesy. Doing that means you're turning your ears against God's word for you. You should also know that a prophet sent to you has been commanded by God "to speak". However, as recorded in 1st John 4:1, there are many fake prophets out there and this is why you should pray that you might discern. 1st John 4:2 also corroborates the previous verse with an instruction and a way to identify the spirit of God in prophecy 

"Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God."

Does what a prophet say agree with the word of God? If it does not? Then,you can determine if truly he or she is from God.


4. Listen to Audio Messages

Our world today gives you unlimited access to resources and audio recordings are a good way to listen to God's word. You can buy sermons, audio books and audio Bibles or download them where necessary. That way, it keeps you up to date with the word of God. You may also record prophecies from your personal prayer sessions or prayer meetings and replay the audio in your car, at a short office break, in between classes as a university student or while doing house chores.


5. Watch Christian Lifestyle and Sermon Videos

Once you get the word of God,you maintain your glow in Him,maintaining the glow is maintaining your spiritual health!. And that includes being filled to the brim and overflowing with the Spirit every day in your personal everyday life.

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