Let the Little Children come to Me

Have you ever had an experience with a little child? Has your actions produced a smile on their face, or a leap of their little bodies in a bid to jump while they try to grab you? Have you seen a little child cry? Have you seen a child look up to their parents with love filled eyes and a trust that would not weaver because they know Daddy/ Mummy would keep to their words?

The innocence of a child can be seen in every action they take. They laugh with carefree abandon, smile at the slightest opportunities and worry not about the days to come, putting their hope in their parents' abilities to provide. Children easily forgive as they do not have the heart to keep grudges for a long time. Also, when their parents wouldn't talk with them or totally ignore them after they have cried their eyes out, they come back to apologise for being such a cry baby and throwing tantrums. You can see so much innocence through their little hands waving in apology, their tear stained faces and the little pout that comes with their small voices in their apology.

little black children and Jesus

Little wonder, almost everyone loves little children when they are properly dressed, looking cute and all beautiful. When they are a mess, not everyone would like to touch them yet, their parents, although irritated, have no other choice than to take care of them. Even in their messy state, their parents don't love them less.

Jesus, at a point in time in his ministry, asked that his disciples refrain from trying to discourage parents from bringing their little children to him. He states in a clear voice:Let the children come to me."

He looks at his disciples and commands "Don’t stop them!" And then goes on to teach them an important truth about the kingdom of Heaven. "For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” 


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Jesus is God in human flesh. He is the perfect example to follow for a lasting relationship with God the Father. His teachings, the healing, His ministry and every other action by Him points us to everything we can enjoy in our relationship with God the Father. This also includes our responsibilities as responsible children and how we can live holy, regardless of how perverse the world becomes.

In Matthew 19:14, as quoted above, Jesus states that the kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are like children. Does this mean only children would belong to the kingdom of heaven? That is not true and we do not have to go back to becoming physical children to belong to the kingdom of Heaven. Instead, this teaches us to approach our relationship with God like a child would do in a relationship with his parents. This should not be restricted by age so whatever age we are at the moment, or the age we'd be in ten years from now, we must be child like when relating to God.

We need not see God the Father as an angry old man who is ready to whip us at the slightest opportunity (although, He corrects and convicts us of our inequities with love, just like any parent would, to their child) but as a loving Father who would be just that to us at all times, even when it calls for discipline. As a child would trust His parents to provide for his or her basic needs (food, clothing, shelter), and beyond the basic needs, even up to the little needs, God wants us to trust Him.


As we grow older, it's easier to be overcome by the worries of life. What would we eat? Wear? How would our plans become a reality? We wonder. We ask ourselves a thousand of questions each day. Although we might not find answers to all our concerns immediately, God calls us to find rest in Him. He knows us, He knows what we need and He has a plan that is far above anything we could ever think of or imagine. He's promised to supply all we need and we can trust Him to be a faithful Father.

He desires that when He gives us instructions, we would obey, just like a parent would to a child.  He sees the dangers we cannot see, for He knows the tomorrow that doesn't exist yet thus, He calls us into a relationship filled with trust. When a child gets hurt, the first person he or she would normally run to Is His or her parents and just like the parents would clean the child up even when the hurt is caused by a child's disobedience or negligence, God always cleans us Up, comforts us and makes us fit again to continue life's journey and even when we get hurt because we messed up, He still cleans us up although, It always comes with a loving warning and a reminder, just like a parent would to their child. "Do not do it again, you're worth more than this".

When a child cannot find his or her parent, he begins to cry, believing that the parent has left him alone. Then suddenly, the parent appears just at the right moment and the cry turns to a smile. Even when God seems far away, He's near enough and hears our every prayer and our heart desires and He would show up, at just the right time.

Is God calling you into a childlike relationship with Him? A relationship filled with trust, love and fellowship? Don't resist the call. He is madly in love with you, He wants you, He'd never leave you nor forsake you, no matter how messy you are. He is waiting for you. 

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